German Film Festival 2018

3 Days in Quiberon, film still: A woman smokes a cigarette and is photographed © Beta Cinema

3 Days in Quiberon

Robert Lebeck’s photographs of Romy Schneider are world-famous. Lebeck also took the photographs that were to accompany the legendary interview Romy Schneider granted ‘Stern’ magazine reporter Michael Jürgs in Quiberon in 1981 – in spite of her previous negative encounters with the German press. The interview and black-and-white photos form the basis of this film that captures the special atmosphere of these three days in which Schneider bares her soul – to breaking point.

Arthur & Claire, film still © ARRI Media

Arthur & Claire

Arthur is terminally-ill and travels to Amsterdam with the aim of ending his life. But his carefully planned, lavish last trip is constantly being disrupted. In Amsterdam he finds Claire, a young Dutch woman bent on committing suicide. After Arthur manages to stop her, she takes him out into the nightlife of Amsterdam, where they each try to change the other’s mind in the last few hours allotted to them.

As We Were Dreaming, film still © Peter Hartwig / Rommel Film, Pandora

As We Were Dreaming

Rico, Dani, Paul und Mark, vor nicht allzu langer Zeit noch Pioniere mit rotem Halstuch, werden erwachsen im Wirbel des wiedervereinigten Landes. Was gestern war, gilt heute nicht mehr. Die Nacht wird zum Tag, die Straße zum Abenteuerspielplatz. Wild und ungebärdig ziehen die Jungs durch die Gegend, klauen Autos, probieren Drogen und den neuen Swingerclub. Sie gründen ihre eigene Diskothek, die bald von glatzköpfigen Neonazis belagert wird.

Berlin Excelsior, film still © Rommel Film

Berlin Excelsior

The anonymous concrete construction “Excelsior” is just a stopover for many of its inhabitants. Soon, life will get better and everyone tries to get ahead in his own way: with “Invisible Make-up”, the 49-year-old Michael wants to re-connect with his previous success as a call boy. Claudia’s days as a dancer are over, but a series of new photos are supposed to help her get back on stage. Hardly anyone can escape the temptations of success...

Mademoiselle Paradis, film still © Christian Schulz, NGF/Looks

Mademoiselle Paradis

Vienna, 1777. The blind 18-year-old “Wunderkind” pianist Maria Theresia Paradis lost her eyesight overnight when she was three years old. After countless failed medical experiments, her parents take her to the estate of controversial “miracle doctor” Franz Anton Mesmer, where she joins a group of outlandish patients.

Magical Mystery, film still © Razor / Gordon Timpen

Magical Mystery or the Return of Karl Schmidt

Following a breakdown and a stay in a psychiatric ward, Charly Schmidt lives in assisted accommodation in Hamburg. He’s kicked his alcohol and drug habit when he meets old friends from Berlin, who now earn a lot of money as music producers. Instead of his prescribed holiday in the Lüneburg Heath, Charly takes a job with them: he’ll drive their tour bus through Germany and take responsibility for running their rave tour.

Pure Charcoal, film still: two men are stacking firewood Foto: Zeitraum Film GmbH

Pure Charcoal

White smoke rises from the holes, curling around the charcoal burner to the whims of the wind before it is carried off into the dark of night. In calm, stunning images, the documentary draws the viewer into the archaic world of charcoal burning.

Queen of Niendorf, film still © Joya Thome Filmproduktion - Lupa Film GmbH

Queen of Niendorf

The school holidays have just begun in Brandenburg, but this year Lea isn't going to summer camp – she's starting to find the other girls at her school weird. One day while out on one of her excursions, Lea spies five boys who have built a raft on a small lake. But there's a problem: girls are strictly forbidden. Desperate to be admitted to the group, Lea undergoes a test of courage.

Styx, film still © Beta Cinema


Rike is a successful doctor. She intends to use her much-needed annual holiday to fulfil her long-cherished dream of sailing single-handedly from Gibraltar to Ascension. After a storm, her beautiful adventure suddenly turns into an unprecedented challenge when she spots a badly damaged, hopelessly overloaded refugee boat nearby.

The Night of All Nights, film still: a couple looks happily in the camera © S2RFilm; Fruitmarket

The Night of All Nights

Together. For a lifetime. The documentary THE NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS by Yasemin and Nesrin Şamdereli (ALMANYA) portrays four couples from Japan, USA, India and Germany who all have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary together.

The Silent Revolution, film still © Studiocanal

The Silent Revolution

It’s 1956 and during a visit to West Berlin, high school students Theo and Kurt witness dramatic footage of the Budapest uprising. Back at in Stalinstadt, they spontaneously hold a two minute silence during class in solidarity with the victims of the Hungarian struggle against Soviet oppression. But the gesture causes much bigger ripples than expected.