Berlin Excelsior
German Film Festival 2018

Berlin Excelsior, film still © Rommel Film

Berlin Excelsior

Germany 2016 (Documentary)

Festivals (selection): Hof 2017
Director: Erik Lemke
Screenplay: Erik Lemke,
André Krummel
Cinematography: André Krummel
Editor: Erik Lemke
Music: Tobias Burkardt
With: Inhabitants and visitors of the Berlin Excelsior building
Producer: Peter Rommel
Duration: 87 mins
Language: German, English
(with English subtitles)
Rating: exempt
The anonymous concrete construction “Excelsior” is just a stopover for many of its inhabitants. Soon, life will get better and everyone tries to get ahead in his own way: with “Invisible Make-up”, the 49-year-old Michael wants to re-connect with his previous success as a call boy. Claudia’s days as a dancer are over, but a series of new photos are supposed to help her get back on stage. Norman wants to help others find happiness with his start-up “ChangeU” and help himself to a new sportscar. Hardly anyone can escape the temptations of success...

Text: Hofer Filmtage


Wednesday, 29 August, 5pm (Q&A)

Tuesday, 4 September, 8:15pm

New Plymouth
Wednesday, 26 September, 4pm