Arthur & Claire
German Film Festival 2018

Arthur & Claire, film still © ARRI Media

Arthur & Claire

Germany / Austria / The Netherlands 2017 (Tragicomedy)
Festivals (selection):
Lübeck 2017, German Film Festival Australia 2018
Director: Miguel Alexandre
Screenplay: Miguel Alexandre, Josef Hader, based on the play by Stefan Vogel
Cinematography: Katharina Diessner
Editor: Marcel Peragine
Music: Dave Alex
With: Josef Hader, Hannah Hoekstra, Rainer Bock
Producers: Gerald Podgorning, Thomas Hroch, Arnold Heslenfeld, Gudula von Eysmondt
Duration: 98 mins
Languages: German, Dutch (with English subtitles)

Rating: M - drug use, offensive language & suicide refrences

Arthur is terminally-ill and travels to Amsterdam with the aim of ending his life. But his carefully planned, lavish last trip is constantly being disrupted: on the plane, a child knocks over his glass of bubbly, and on the eve of his scheduled death, he hears loud noises from the hotel room next door.
It’s there that he finds Claire, a young Dutch woman bent on committing suicide. After Arthur manages to stop her, she takes him out into the nightlife of Amsterdam, where they each try to change the other’s mind in the last few hours allotted to them.

Text: German Film Festival Australia


Thursday, 30 August, 7:30pm

Saturday, 8 September, 8:30pm

New Plymouth
Friday, 28 September, 6:30pm