As We Were Dreaming
German Film Festival 2018

As We Were Dreaming, film still © Peter Hartwig / Rommel Film, Pandora

As We Were Dreaming

Germany 2015 (Drama)
Festivals (selection): Berlin 2015
Director: Andreas Dresen
Screenplay: Wolfgang Haase
Cinematography: Michael Hammon, Niklas Hoffmann
Editor: Jörg Hausschild
Music: Jens Quandt
With: Merlin Rose, Julius Nitschkoff, Marcel Heupermann, Joel Basman,
Frederic Haselon, Ruby O. Fee
Producer: Peter Rommel
Duration: 116 mins
Language: German (with English subtitles)
Rating: tbc
The Leipzig suburbs, shortly after the collapse of East Germany. Rico, Daniel, Paul and Mark, until recently still Pioneers in their red neckerchiefs, are growing up in the maelstrom of the newly reunited country. Yesterday's rules no longer count today. They turn night into day and the streets into an adventure playground. The boys run wild and hang out in the neighbourhood, steal cars, experiment with drugs and try out the new swingers' club. They open their own disco which is soon besieged by neo-Nazi skinheads. Everything is in a state of fl ux and decay, everyone is overfl owing with dreams: Rico longs for a boxing career; Daniel yearns to have a grand love affair with Little Star, the most beautiful girl Leipzig has ever known ...

Text: Berlin International Film Festival


Wednesday, 29 August, 7:30pm (Q&A)

Wednesday, 5 September, 6:15pm (Q&A)

New Plymouth
Friday, 28 September, 4pm