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Too Far Away

Too Far Away
Germany 2019, 92 mins
Director: Sarah Winkenstette
Rating: PG - coarse language

12-year-old Ben’s village will soon be only an open brown coal mine. He and his family move to a nearby city but Ben fails to fit in at his new school. Bullied, he returns secretly to his old, abandoned home. His one pleasure, football, pales with the arrival of 12-year-old Tariq, a Syrian re­fugee and better player. But when bureaucracy stops Tariq playing and he runs away, Ben finds him and learns that Tariq is desperate to be reunited with his scattered family. To cheer him up, Ben shares his biggest secret: the village. Jealousy on the football field becomes friendship and understanding.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH

Greetings from Jasin Challah (actor, Too Far Away)

Greeting from Jasin Challah - film still
© Jasin Challah
Do you have questions for Jasin? You can email him directly: yayamo@gmx.net

Further Material

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