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Sustainable Tourism
sleeperoo – the new way to overnight in a sustainable design cube

Sleeperoo, Wangerland Region
© Sleeperoo

sleeperoo – the new way to overnight in a sustainable design cube
The “sleeperoo” is a futuristic design cube for adventurous spirits looking to get away from it all and overnight somewhere new and excitingly different. Whether set up indoors or outdoors, the sleeperoo delivers a special sleep experience in a unique atmosphere – in the herb garden of a historic castle, amongst a herd of curious alpacas, or on the viewing platform of a meteorology station in Hochsauerland.

“Some places, outdoors or in a cultural hotspot, have a unique atmosphere, which people can now experience and feel up close, with all their senses, far away from the hectic world of their everyday lives”, says sleeperoo general manager Karen Löhnert.

The sleeperoo design cube – sustainability plus comfort

sleeperoo encourages people to experience the thrill of overnighting in a unique location close to home, instead of planning an expensive overseas trip, with all the time and effort that involves. This way they can explore the beautiful places in their own country, and get all the excitement of a tourism experience without the carbon emissions involved in long-distance air travel.

The sleeperoo formula is to seek out an ideal tourism location, which will benefit from the publicity generated. But the cube will only be set up there for a brief period, without leaving any damaging traces on the environment afterwards. We have all seen the negative impacts of “over-tourism”, as hordes of travellers concentrate their attention on just a few iconic sightseeing attractions.
  • Sleeperoo - inside design © Sleeperoo
    The interior of the sleeperoo design cube
  • Sleeperoo, Wangerland Region, Beach © Sleeperoo
    The unique environment of the coast in the Wangerland region of East Frisia
  • Sleeperoo in a dinosaur park © Sleeperoo
    Adventure for travellers back in time in the Teufelsschlucht dinosaur park
  • Sleeperoo in a Museum © Sleeperoo
    Overnighting in the museum at phanTechnikum in Wismar
  • Sleeperoo, harbour Kiel © Sleeperoo
    Sleeperoo in the Norwegian Cruise terminal in Kiel

The sleeperoo idea takes exactly the opposite approach. The traveller is invited to explore a selection of locations, with the ultimate luxury of a completely solitary experience. There will never be more than one cube at any of these destinations – true to the motto “the night, the place, and you”.
The minimal design cube was specially developed for sleeperoo, and is made of 100% recyclable plastic and wood by artisan firms in Germany. It is easy to set up and remove, and with a bed size of 2 x 1.60 sqm, it provides plenty of room for two people. At the bedhead there is a cupboard with upholstered fold-down panels, for leaning on or stowing luggage. The furniture and fittings – blankets, pillows and soy foam mattress – are also made from quality sustainable materials.

The transparent roof and big panoramic windows offer the cube’s guests a spectacular view of the sky above and the surrounding environment. Roller blinds afford protection from unwanted attention from the outside, and a special fabric tarpaulin is provided to keep the elements at bay when a storm threatens.

Arranging your sleeperoo experience

The first step is to go to the website sleeperoo.de for information and ideas. But be warned – with so many options available under the categories of “Indoor” and “Outdoor”, it could take some time to choose! Each overnighting spot has been carefully selected as offering a unique mix of qualities and attractions.

After deciding on your preferred location, you select the relevant dates in the booking calendar. You then receive a confirmation email with all the key info on the location, your host and check-in and check-out times.

On your arrival, your host on the spot will tell you everything you need to know, and show you how the sleeperoo works. At each location there are toilets and washing facilities nearby, but you are required to provide your own soap and towels. Each guest is welcomed with a “chill box”, containing a choice of organic snacks, confectionery and beverages, to help you settle in for a relaxing stay in the sleeperoo.

For me, this was an absolutely unforgettable (and sustainable!) overnight experience. You also get tips on recommended local restaurants, cafes and local attractions to help you design your ideal holiday.