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German Films at the DOCedge Festival

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The Documentary Film Festival, which is taking place for the 11th time, starts with the opening night film 'Be here now – The Andy Whitefield Story' on Wednesday 5th May in Wellington. Alongside the Iranian-German-Swiss production 'Sonita', the German production 'Hello, I am David!' by Cosima Lange and the afore-mentioned movie 'A Man Can Make a Difference' by Ullabritt Horn will be shown.
We are delighted that Ullabritt Horn will attend the screenings of her movie. She is not only the director of the movie, but also its writer and producer.
Her movie chronicles the eventful life of Hungarian-born Jewish lawyer Benjamin Ferencz, who fled to the USA as a child. Years later, in 1945, he returned to Europe to bring justice to Germany. He became Chief War Crime Prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials, when he was 27 years old. Since than he has never given up fighting for justice and peace. One of his greatest achievements was the establishment of the International Crime Court in The Hague.

Ullabritt Horn portrays a man, who was able to change world history through his actions – A man can make a difference.