Austria, Switzerland 2020, 99 mins
Directors: Daniel Hoesl, Julia Niemann
Rating: exempt

Beneath its reassuring façade, Davos is each year at the heart of the Western and capitalistic world. Every chief of State and everyone who is someone in the money world meets with their peers in the Swiss village. What is really at stake in Davos?
Julia Niemann and Daniel Hoesl create a fascinating observational documentary in which judgement is never handed out and where the dialectics of conflicts matter more than easy and reassuring answers. The film asks the viewer some uncomfortable questions by focusing on challenges that the new global economy poses to the world.
Thus, through this extremely precise work strategy, the directors conjure an almost hyper realistic set of conflicts that reverberates through precise cinematic choices. DAVOS portrays postmodern capitalism in an utterly convincing way. How it impacts everyone’s life and how it threatens our environment. Because the real question is: is it acceptable that a handful of powerful white men decide what the future shall look like for everybody else?

Source: Giona Nazzaro, Vision du Réel, Catalogue

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