Katja Kullman

Katja Kullmann Photo: Patrick Ohligschläger
Born in 1970, Katja Kullmann is an author and journalist. After having spent periods of time living in Germany and abroad, she now lives in Berlin. Her first and very successful work of non-fiction, entitled “Generation Ally. Warum es heute so kompliziert ist, eine Frau zu sein”, revolved around the subject of feminism. Although she continues to focus on this topic, she also expresses strong opinions in articles she writes on gainful employment, popular culture and social justice. Her essays appear in newspapers such as the taz, the FAZ and the Züricher Tages-Anzeiger. Until the summer of 2017 she was vice editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper “Der Freitag”, where she also ran the culture section, and from October she will be head of content at taz newspaper. Katja Kullmann is in considerable demand as a chairperson and speaker, and for example is regularly invited by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the University of Zurich and the Goethe-Institut to take part in panel discussions.