Film Magical Mystery or the Return of Karl Schmidt

Magical Mystery, film still © Razor / Gordon Timpen

Sat, 22.09.2018

Christchurch, Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu

Philip Carter Family Auditorium
49 Worcester Blvd
8013 Christchurch

Germany 2017 (Comedy, Road Movie)

Director: Arne Feldhusen
Producers: Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul
Duration: 111 mins
Language: German (with English subtitles)
Rating: M - drug use & nudity

Hamburg in the mid-1990s: following a breakdown and a stay in a psychiatric ward, Charly Schmidt lives in assisted accommodation in Hamburg. He’s kicked his alcohol and drug habit when he meets old friends from Berlin, who now earn a lot of money as music producers. Instead of his prescribed holiday in the Lüneburg Heath, Charly takes a job with them: he’ll drive their tour bus through Germany and take responsibility for running their rave tour. MAGICAL MYSTERY is an entertaining, techno-reinforced road movie in which, as so often, the journey is the goal.

Text: Goethe-Institut