Film The Last Pig

The Last Pig, film still: a man is riding a motorbike accompanied by a pig © drei-freunde Filmverleih 2016

Sat, 16.09.2017

Wellington, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Cnr Ghuznee and Taranaki St
6011 Wellington

Germany 2016 (Comedy, Road Movie)
Festivals (selection): Munich 2016, Berlin 2017
Director: Aron Lehmann
Screenplay: Carlos V. Irmscher, Aron Lehmann
Cinematography: Cristian Pirjol
Editor: David Hartmann
Music: Boris Bojadzhiev
With: Golo Euler, Rosalie Thomass, Thorsten Merten, Heinz-Josef Braun,
Christoph Maria Herbst, Eva Bay, Daniel Zillmann
Producer: Miriam Klein
Duration: 86 mins
Language: German with English subtitles
Rating: R13 - violence, offensive language & content that may disturb
Pig farmer Huber has found himself in a bad patch. His farm is bankrupt. Small farmers cannot compete with factory farming any longer. And when a meteorite suddenly falls from heaven and reduces his farm to ashes, Huber has nothing left – except for one last pig. Together with his pig, Huber leaves the ruin which was once his farm. He starts a new life, as a nomad, a vagabond, a savage – a life which he really rather enjoys. He is now a rebel with a new cause, and on his journey he attracts people who’ve met a similar fate. Their stories inspire Huber to rise up against the opposition, and he quickly becomes a symbol for freedom and civil disturbance. But really, Huber just does what he thinks is best. Because there must be something wrong in a world where a fit, hard-working and honest man isn’t capable of fending for himself. His message: THIS HAS TO STOP! And right he is.
Text: Berlin International Film Festival