Film Democracy

Democracy, film still: s/w, two men look at each other, in profile, a lecture theatre in the backgroundan, im Hintergrund ist ein Plenarsaal zu sehen © indi Film / Marcus Winterbauer

Wed, 13.09.2017

Wellington, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Cnr Ghuznee and Taranaki St
6011 Wellington

Germany 2015 (Documentary)
Director: David Bernet
Concept: David Bernet
Cinematography: Marcus Winterbauer, Dieter Stürmer, François Roland, Ines Thomsen
Editor: Catrin Vogt
Music: Von Spar
With: Jan Philipp Albrecht, Viviane Reding, Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Producers: Arek Gielnik, Dietmar Ratsch, Sonia Otto
Duration: 100 mins
Language: German, English (with English subtitles)
Rating: exempt
In January 2012, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding set an ambitious goal. By reforming the EU Data Protection Act, she wants to strengthen data protection in Europe. Large companies would then be prevented from using personal data for promotional purposes and transmitting it to third parties. In addition, US companies would be subject to EU law. Director David Bernet accompanies the conservative EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and the young, ambitious Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht during their struggle to introduce the European Data Protection Law. Lobbyists, commercial lawyers and activists appear on the scene and try to influence the course of action in this battle of David and Goliath proportions where civil rights are pitted against global economic interests.

Text: Goethe-Institut