Film Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night

Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night, film still © Goethe-Institut

Sun, 28.10.2018

New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Len Lye Centre
42 Queen St
New Plymouth

Director: Werner Herzog, colour, 103 min., 1998

Jonathan Harker, an estate agent dealer, learns that he has to set off immediately to distant Transylvania to deliver a sales deed to Count Dracula. His wife Lucy is wrought with an evil foreboding. Still, Jonathan decides to leave and dismisses all warnings during his journey as he sets foot in Count Dracula's castle.
Parting from Bram Stoker’s horror novel Dracula (1897) and Nosferatu (Directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, 1921/22), the famous silent film version of the book, Werner Herzog endeavours to recount the frequently adapted vampire tale anew, melding the images of the German classic with his own visual universe.