Film The Young Törless

The Young Törless, film still © Seitz Film

Mon, 09.07.2018

Wellington, Embassy Theatre

10 Kent Terrace

Director: Volker Schlöndorff, b/w, 87 min., 1966

Young Törless starts going to boarding school. He meets three boys there: Beineberg, an intelligent, cold and cynical boy; Reiting, a less intelligent boy who takes pleasure in tormenting those who are weaker; Basini, a soft-hearted boy from a not-so-well-off family who repeatedly becomes the victim. When Reiting tries to reclaim the money he has lent Basini, Basini steals it from another boy during the night. The theft is discovered and the three boys turn on Basini. They say they won't denounce him, but he has to submissively obey them and to endure their brutal tyranny.
Based on the novel "Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törless" by Robert Musil.