Film 3 Days in Quiberon

3 Days in Quiberon, film still: A woman smokes a cigarette and is photographed © Beta Cinema

Sun, 30.09.2018

New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Len Lye Centre
42 Queen St
New Plymouth

Germany / France / Austria 2018 (Feature)

Director: Emily Atef
Producer: Karsten Stöter
Duration: 115 mins
Languages: German, French (with English subtitles)
Rating: PG - coarse language

Robert Lebeck’s photographs of Romy Schneider are world-famous. They capture this actress’s contradictory nature, her exuberance, melancholy and pain. Lebeck also took the photographs that were to accompany the legendary interview Romy Schneider granted ‘Stern’ magazine reporter Michael Jürgs in Quiberon in 1981 – in spite of her previous negative encounters with the German press. The actress had retired to this Breton spa town to recuperate with Hilde, her close friend of many years, keeping her company. The interview and black-and-white photos form the basis of this fi lm that captures the special atmosphere of these three days in which Schneider bares her soul – to breaking point. The more the actress exposes herself and allows the person behind the celebrity to come to the fore, the more the group dynamics of the quartet kick in.

Text: Berlin International Film Festival