Concert/Performance Concert: Annette Krebs & Guests

Annette Krebs performing © Steffi Weismann

Sun, 16.02.2020

7:30 PM

Featherston, The Miracle Room

The Miracle Room and Audio Foundation in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut present the German electro-acoustic maestro Annette Krebs on February 16th in Featherston. Annette Krebs will be supported by local artists.

Annette Krebs is one of Europe’s leading exponents of live electro-acoustic music. Based in Berlin, Krebs’ explorations of the small details of sound synthesize strategies borrowed from instrumental, chamber-music with digitally mediated approaches and techniques. Working across performance, installation of and sonic, sculptural assemblages, a recurrent trait of Krebs’ activities is the amplification of small sounds (voice, objects), which, much like the microscopic, take on new life when moved across scale.

In this one-off performance, Annette Krebs explores the small details of sound and in combining instrumental, chamber-music reminding, and digital contemporary approaches and techniques. She has developed and perform solo pieces within electro-acoustic assemblages, “Konstruktionen”, instrumental sound-sculptures in which various objects and voice get “microscoped”, i.e. highly amplified via microphones. The sounds of the objects are in real-time played, partially digitally transformed and performed as musical collages.