Online Film Screening 24h Europe - The next Generation

Portraits of featured protagonists ©zero one 24 | Sergey Goroshko | Tobias Kruse / Ostkreuz | Tobias von dem Born | Aissa Tripodi

Tue, 20.10.2020 -
Thu, 12.11.2020

From the North of Norway, via Toulouse, Zurich, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Berlin to the surf in Portugal, the western fjords of Iceland and Magnitogorsk in the Ural mountain range – for 24 hours we accompany 60 young Europeans who represent and shape the future of Europe.

From daily routines to big trends and challenges of the young generation: How does farmer Gordon at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland cope? What to do when it seems impossible for Yorgos to find a job in Athens? How does breakaway Dominika live in the Hungarian wilderness? And why is it difficult for Verica to work as a female surgeon in Serbia?
  • 24H Europe, BOSNIA Muezzin Mirza Ganic during the Eid holiday in Sarajevo © zero one 24 / Ziyah Gafic
  • 24H Europe, UKRAINE: Donetsk DJs Anton (blond) and Pavel (brunette) perform at the club "Belly" in Kharkiv. © zero one 24 / Sergey Goroshko
  • 24H Europe, GERMANY: youtube influencer and drag queen Candy makes up drag queen Ottilie of 71-year-old senior Hardy, Berlin-Spandau ©zero one 24 / Tobias Kruse / Ostkreuz
  • 24H Europe, POLAND: drone pilot and designer Lexie, shot in France at a competition © zero one 24 / Tobias von dem Born
  • 24H Europe, HUNGARY: Dominika is a subsistence farmer and refuses civilization © zero one 24 / Maurice Weiss
  • 24H Europe, RUSSIA: Andreij works at a steel factory in Magnitogorsk © zero one 24 / Axel Schneppat
  • 24H Europe, PORTUGAL: André Caetano, surfer, lives at the beach. © zero one 24 / José Carlos Carvalho
  • 24H Europe, TURKEY: People admire the view during sunset near Kadikoy port in Istanbul. © zero one 24 / Emin Ozmen / Magnum Photos

“24h Europe – The Next Generation” offers a window into Europe. The ambitious film project presents 24 hours, from 6am to 6am, told straight with no filter. In focus are millennials from all corners of the continent. Protagonists from 26 European countries share their sentiments, opinions and lives in this documentary. Viewers are transported into their worlds, their aspirations, their lofty dreams and realities.

In association with the EU Delegation to New Zealand, the embassies of the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany, and European public broadcasting stations ARTE and rbb, the Goethe-Institut is delighted to present this extraordinary documentary project in New Zealand to celebrate the European Week of Cities and Regions.

„24h Europe – The Next Generation“  is a production by zero one 24 (GER) and Idéale Audience (FR) in coproduction with  ARTE G.E.I.E., ARTE Deutschland, ARTE France, rbb (GER), SWR (GER), BR (GER), RTBF (BE), Kwassa films (BE), YLE (FIN), ČT (CZE).

Please note: The programme is available in New Zealand and requires a password. Please email us to obtain your password:

This programme contains themes and material that may offend some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.