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The American Friend
Wim Wenders Retrospective

The American Friend © Wim Wenders Stiftung

The American Friend

Der amerikanische Freund

Jonathan, formerly a restorer, now making picture frames, lives in Hamburg. He suffers from leukaemia and knows that there is no escape for him. Tom Ripley, an American art dealer, makes him a very doubtful offer: he is to commit a murder in Paris. Jonathan agrees to the proposal. After his return a second murder is inevitable. Ripley himself is now in need of Jonathan's help.

Source: Wim Wenders Stiftung

Film Details

The American Friend | Der amerikanische Freund

West Germany/France | 1976/77
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery 
English Subtitles
Duration: 126 min
Format: 35mm Eastmancolor


1977 German Film Critics Award
1978 German Film Award in Gold (Best Director; Best Editor)
1978 German Film Award in Silver (further full-length Feature Film)


Cinematheque Centre Manila:
May 11 | 4pm

Cinematheque Centre Davao:
June 14 | 6pm