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November 2021

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News from the Cultural Department

Digital Discourses 2021
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Journalism in the New Age

Digital Discourses

The internet is changing the way we consume and produce information. With the rise of AI and social media, how is the practice of journalism affected by technology? Experts from Southeast Asia and Europe discuss the outlook for the future of journalism and its societal impact.

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Daloy Dance Company
© Daloy Dance Company/Bari-Bari

Environmental Dance Project by Christoph Walker

Daloy Dance Company

The Goethe-Institut Manila supported dance group, Daloy Dance Company, collaborated with German choreographer Christoph Walker in his project Environmental Dance Project.

The project deals with the question of whether the specific body knowledge of dance cultures can be used to achieve a less destructive way of dealing with nature and ecosystems. Daloy Dance Company's dance film for the project entitled Bari-Bari has been shown at The Fifth Wall Fest International Film Festival, and Lorma College's exhibit called Art in Nature: Nature in Art, as well as the The Green Unconference 2021.

Smart City Connections
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Open Call

Culture | Smart City Connections

A global invite to all public enthusiasts from all walks of life, backgrounds and practices, to (re)imagine the smart city as a cultural system. Selected artists stand a chance to win up to sgd$1.000, and be featured as part of the exhibition in Singapore next March.

Deadline of applications will be on: December 15, 2021

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