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Sama-sama sa Alemanya: A Day in my life in Germany

Sama-sama sa Alemanya: A Day in my life in Germany Vlog Contest

Do you have the knack for vlogging? Do you want to help your fellow Pinoys by sharing your experiences through video? Then we are looking for you!

Living in a new country is not easy. It might be exciting and scary at the same time. There are a lot of cultural differences  and hurdles you might face so of course, it is never wrong to try and prepare for your journey. With the help of the internet it is very easy to communicate with other people all over the world and ask about their experiences or find articles and clips that may answer the questions you have in mind. Vlogging is one of the most natural and creative tool for sharing experiences with others. That is why we are looking for (5) Creative Filipinos who can show us around their new city in Germany.  

Living and Working in Germany


Any Filipino living and working in Germany is qualified to join. Just make a vlog showing us around your new city in Germany!

Here are a few pointers:

  • Video must not be longer than three (3) minutes.
  • Video should contain at least (4) of the following points:
    • Introduce yourself (Flex your German!)
    • Introduce your city (Walk around and show us your favorite spots!)
    • Tell us shortly about an interesting experience you had upon arriving in Germany
    • What is a normal day like for you?
    • What is the best thing about living in Germany?
    • What is your advice to your fellow Filipinos who are on their way to Germany?
  • Be creative and have fun!

For videos in which a person is recognizable, the videographer is responsible for securing permission from that person or, in the case of a minor, from the subject’s parent or guardian.

The video must be original and has not been uploaded or submitted in any other contests, social media channels or video streaming sites.

Submission of Entries

Submit your video entries by sending the file as an e-mail to juan01-manila@goethe.de with the following information:


All videos submitted shall become properties of the Goethe-Institut Philippinen. By joining the contest, the entrant is considered to have granted Goethe-Institut Philippinen permission or license to use the videos, along with the names of the videographers, for various publications and marketing collaterals of Goethe-Institut, and for other purposes.

Selection of Winners

Criteria for Judging

  1. Relevance to the Theme (How well the video portrays a Filipino’s life in Germany ): 25%
  2. Creativity (How the videographer showed some creative thoughts. How the subject matter is pictured in a unique and interesting way): 25%
  3. Content and Overall impact (Whether the video was able to grab and hold the viewers’ attention. Is there a “wow” factor): 50%

Screening of Entries
  • Screening shall be done at the Goethe-Institut Philippinen.
  • The panel of judges will initially determine the top ten(10) entries based on the established criteria.
  • Five (5) winners will be chosen from the top ten (10) entries.
  • Decision of the judges is considered final and unappealable.

Prizes and Incentives

There will be five (5) winners of a new vlogging camera and a paid contract to produce Biyaheng Germany Vlogs for 2020.

Die 10 besten Beiträge werden für verschiedene Publikationen und Werbematerialien des Goethe-Instituts verwendet.
Zusätzlich werden die Beiträge potentiell, zusammen mit den Namen der Videofilmer in den verschiedenen Materialien und Kanälen des Goethe-Instituts erscheinen.

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