Exam Prep Courses

Exam Prep Course A1

6 weeks
2 times per week (5 TU per day)
50 TU at 45 minutes
max. 20 participants

Exam Prep Course B1

6 weeks
2 times per week (5 TU per day)
50 TU at 45 minutes
B1 (Hearing/Speaking)/ (Reading/Writing)
max. 20 participants

Exam Prep Course B2

6 weeks
3 times per week (5 TU per day)
75 TU at 45 minutes
B2 (Hearing/Speaking)/ (Reading/Writing)
max. 20 participants

By working through a sample test in a small group, you will get to know the ins and outs of the test format, while simulating various exam situations and honing the specific skills needed to excel on the exam in all four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Our exam prep course is open to all registered participants in the exam.

You can register online
Kindly fill the online registration form. Later, you will receive an email from the course office. If slots are available, you will be asked to submit a scanned copy of your passport or NBI clearance. Also you will be requested to pay the fee.

In Person
You may register in person in the Language Course Office.  Fill-up the course registration form completely, submit a copy of your passport or NBI clearance, pay the corresponding fees and/or purchase the course books.  

You are officially enrolled in a course only upon full payment of the course fee.

By Fax or Email
You may enroll by fax or e-mail.  Send the completed course registration form together with a copy of your passport or NBI clearance and proof of payment to:

Goethe-Institut Manila
Attention: the Registrar
Fax no.: +63 2 8170979

Please be informed that courses have limited slots. Once classes are full, registration will be closed.
General Requirements
Course participants must be at least 18 years of age upon the start of the class and should be a registered participant of an upcoming certificate examination. 

1.  Terms of Payment
1.1   Course fees are paid in full upon registration.
1.2   Registration is on a first paid, first served basis. Reservations are strictly not accepted.
2.  Course fees
2.1   The contractually binding fee is the fee stated in the price list current at the time of application.
2.2   Should a participant wish to change his or her booking, then each booking change is subject to a fee equal to 10% the course fee.
2.3   Booking changes are only allowed up to five (5) working days before the start of the course.
3.  Cancellation and refunds         
The following conditions apply if the course participant is unable to take part in the course:
3.1   In case of cancellation at least five (5) working days before the start of the course, Goethe-Institut Philippinen will withhold 50% of the course fee that will be refunded to the student. Textbooks are 100% non-refundable.
3.2   In case of late cancellation, non-appearance or leaving the course once it is underway, the participants are not entitled to any refund.  
3.3   Cancellations must be submitted in writing with reason and must be accompanied by the original receipt. The date of cancellation shall be the date of receipt at the Goethe-Institut Philippinen office.
4.  Course level assignment/
class size
4.1   We reserve the right to amend or postpone our courses and change course details such as fees, times, materials, rooms, instructors.
4.2   We regret that we can only conduct courses that have the required minimum number of participants. We advise students in their own interest to register early.
4.3   We will offer the participants the opportunity to move to another course or to receive a full refund of the course fee should we cancel a course.
5.  Responsibilities of participants
Participants are obliged to comply with the course rules and regulations applicable to the Goethe-Institut Philippinen.
6. Liability of the Goethe-Institut
The liability of Goethe-Institut Philippinen and its staff is limited to intent and gross negligence. Goethe-Institut Philippinen also accepts no liability for the cancellation of its services due to force majeure, e.g. natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official orders and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contracting parties.

As of February 2020
Subject to changes
Course Fee
Exam prep course A1/B1 (50 TU) PhP 10,000**
Exam prep course B2 (75 TU) PhP 15,000**
*A 10% internal discount is offered for students who have enrolled in a language course at the Goethe-Institut Philippinen within the last 6 months.
**This is only an introductory price.

Course schedules and fees are assigned by special arrangement. Please contact our Language Course Office for more information.

Price of Books
Books Price
Exam Training Books Bundle for A1 PhP 2,500
Exam Training Books Bundle for B1 PhP 2,500
Exam Training Books Bundle for B2 PhP 2,500

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