Exhibit Sausage Salad & Potato Pancakes

Sausage Salad & Potato Pancakes

Mon, 18.02.2019 -
Fri, 29.03.2019

An Exhibit on German Cookbooks and the German Food Culture

Get to know German recipes in a Cookbook and Food Culture exhibition presented by the Goethe-Institut Philippinen!

Is German food really heavy, fatty and lacking refinement? German cuisine is far more diverse than is often thought, and reducing it to sausages with sauerkraut is a great injustice. Waves of immigrants have brought the influences of pizza, pasta, gyros and tzatziki, falafel sandwiches and Chinese spring rolls to German mouths and stomachs.
Despite these influences, traditional German cuisine did not entirely disappear from the cultural memory. Celebrating German culinary traditions ran counter to the national psyche of post-war Germany, a time when patriotism in almost all forms was despised. But Europe’s historical battlefield gave way to a fusion of the gutbürgerliche Küche, heavy German farmers’ stews, and other European delicacies, sweetened with American and Russian influence, and eventually topped up with exquisite flavors from other continents.
So maybe it’s not so distinct after all.

Find out more about German traditional and modern cookbooks; discover the history of German food culture; gain knowledge of contemporary German food; have a sip of the utmost famous Sprudel; and bring with you a few recipes to try at home!

Check out the schedule of the exhibit's university tour below:

Feb 18 - 23, 2019
Ateneo de Manila University

Feb 26 - Mar 18, 2019
University of the Philippines Diliman

Mar 18 - 29
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Exclusively for students/professors of enlisted partner universities.