Getting yourself settled

ONLINE CHATS: Getting yourself settled

    Apartment and Lease Contract

    Hello Jenny. Yes, I just got home. What's up, and why are you so happy?
    Oh, I'm so happy for you! A bathtub can be really great, especially during winter when one gets home from freezing in cold. Unfortunately, I don't have one. ☹ Are you going to have the apartment all by yourself?
    That's a wonderful idea. But you live alone in a room, right?
    True, that’s rare here. For me, it took some time getting used to living alone. In Manila, I was used to a shared room. Here in Germany, people don't do that, even in Shared apartments. Each one has his own room. But you should look at it positively. So you can sleep comfortably even with jetlag. ;) Seriously though, I think a shared apartment is a better start for you. You get to know new people who can give you lots of tips, and of course you will get used to speaking German.
    Yeah, you guessed right. ☺ A lease contract is a must in Germany – not like in the Philippines, where even the agreement is sometimes enough. Since you prefer a shared-apartment, for sure one of your housemates already has a main contract and you need to only sign for your own room’s contract and pay the deposit.
    I, for example, had to prove a lot before I got the contract for my apartment. I needed a proof of salary and one of the SCHUFA (credit bureau) to prove that I can pay the rent. But there are no binding rules – it differs from apartment to apartment and the landlord gives you information in advance about what you need.
    Yes, that’s the standard. You should also really abide by such official deadlines. Germans are really strict with them.
      Front Door Key

      II dont know if that's possible.
      Of course I will visit you. ☺ I mean the key. In the Philippines, duplication of a key is quite simple. In Germany, a secured key has been enforced. It can't be easily renewed and randomly made.
      Then it can be quite expensive. That's why many people arrange a household insurance for their own benefit.
      Yes, we don’t always have to expect the worst. Have you ever lost a key?
      That is for everyone to decide on their own. ☺
        Waste Segregation

        As you say. I also want to do that. I just separated some few old things a while ago. Here, you may bring them to an old clothes collection area. That is usually a big white container where you can drop used things that are still in good condition. Your old shoes and clothes can still benefit the needy. By the way, not only have I had my things sorted out for that, but it’s also because I found an old, very nice closet from the bulk trash.
        From the bulk trash. If you have old furniture, you can have the garbage collector pick them up. You have to first sign up for it and then you can just leave the sofas, tables, cabinets, and the like on the street. Most of the time, there are great pieces and many people like to look at this pile if they haven't yet found nice furniture for themselves.
        Right. In general, waste segregation works a bit differently here.
        Well, not really different. You already know it from public places. There, we separate the garbage into organic and inorganic substances, and it extends even in private households.
        It's not that dramatic. Normally, the Germans separate glass from paper trash at all times. Then, they put the organic and special wastes as well in the “yellow bag”.
        In den „Gelben Sack“ kommen die meisten Kunststoffverpackungen. Du erkennst sie am „Grünen Punkt“ auf der Verpackung.

        Most plastic packaging is put in the “yellow bag”. You can recognize them with a “green dot” on the packaging.
        Yes, you'll see soon. ☺ There is still one huge difference by the way. Here we have a deposit system for beverage bottles. Almost always, when you buy a bottle, you should pay a few more cents. But you get this back, when you return the bottle. In this way, too excess waste will be avoided.
        Let's go on a shopping spree when you're here. Then I can show you everything personally. But for now, have fun packing and sorting. Buh-bye.