Karaoke / Movies

    Hey Jenny! Oh! I wish I could be there! I miss Karaoke! ☹
    There is, but it’s not really much of a thing here unlike in the Philippines. Here one meets up with friends, cooks dinner together or just simply goes to the movies. I haven’t seen families who sing Karaoke together so far.

    But you know what, if I remember correctly, it will be your birthday next month. Let’s celebrate it in a Karaoke bar!
    That’s wonderful! You’re open and have the desire to try new things. ☺ Movies are also a good form of language training for you.
    Almost all movies are in translated into German here. That means that, in movies or TV programs, even Piolo Pascual speaks German. ☺ The voiceover often sounds a little bit funny, but it’s a good exercise anyway.
    Yes, of course! And if you like to learn German while watching, you can easily set the subtitles on. In big cities, they usually play movies in the original language. So, nothing’s in the way of our movie night, then. ☺
      German Food

      You don’t have to be scared. You get always get rice, fish and meat here. However, it is not being eaten everyday and absolutely not three times a day.
      True, but not normally warm meals. While we want our breakfast to be warm and hearty, most Germans prefer only one warm meal per day, often during lunch or dinner. For breakfast, they opt for bread or only cereals. Everyone is different. And that also pertains to you: If you want to cook rice three times a day, sure ☺
      No problem. I’ll invite you over. ☺
      In Germany it is different. When you go out with friends, you usually pay for yourself. Unless if it is arranged. Like with us now, I told you already that I’m inviting you to eat and go for movies.

        That sounds like a real party. ☺ In that case I should probably notify my neighbors.
        It is customary here that one informs the neighbors of the upcoming party and apologizes for any inconveniences or disturbances, if it gets loud.
        No, of course not. You simply hang a poster or note on your corridor with the date of the party and your apologies. If you don’t do that, Police may come to your apartment and charge you with disturbance of peace.
        Yeah… they do. They just find it fair to notify neighbors. It is actually not as strict as it sounds. Most people are really tolerant and will be glad for you to celebrate your birthday, and maybe you could also invite them and make new friends, too ☺
        Haha! ☺ Oh by the way, do you know that Germans open their presents immediately? Not like us wherein most people take their gifts home and open it alone. Here they are anxious about how would you react on their given presents.

        Oh Jenny! I’m looking forward to your birthday already and want to greet you now with a “Happy birthday”!!! Ooopps!! In Germany, they don’t usually greet the person in advance.
        No, you’d better not. Many believe that it brings bad luck. Well, it is just a superstition, but it is tradition here.
          German Time vs. Filipino Time

          Oh yeah! You mean very, very punctual! ☺ Is it true that all Germans are very punctual?
          For real?! Yikes! In that case, I’d better be overly punctual.
          That sounds really strict ☹
          I get it, sure, and we certainly don’t have to live up to every cliché we know about the Germans yet. I am so happy already to figure it out by myself and now I must now bid farewell. My karaoke machine awaits! ☺