Opening Times

    Hello! Soon, It will be a reality. ☺ What are you dreaming about?
    Well, now that we’re on the topic, I am dreaming of the Philippines. You can seldom see big shopping malls here, unlike over there.
    Aren’t you arriving on Saturday night?
    Unfortunately, that’s not possible.
    Of course not. But on Sundays, the shops here are closed.
    I’m not kidding! On Sundays and Holidays, almost all shops here are closed. Normally, you can go on shopping from Mondays to Sundays from 8am to 8pm. Some shops are opened earlier, some later.
    Then you will starve! Hahaha! ;) No, of course not! Usually in big cities, Supermarkets are open until 11 or 12 midnight. Oh, and almost everywhere there are gasoline stations which are connected to a small shop that is open round the clock.
    Most stations are connected to a small shop so you can buy necessary food and groceries. That is notably more expensive than in Supermarkets but in case of emergency, it is very practical. Train stations also offer these kinds of services.
      Shopping Possibilities

      Not really. Do you know what I really like here? It’s not the big malls, but the many small shops in the city. There are many specialty shops here.
      Yes, exactly. Although you can also find mostly in the big stores, many people still like to go to specialty shops. There are shops for almost every product: I can buy meat from the Butcher, flowers from the florist..etc.
      If I have time, I like doing it. But when I am in a hurry, I go directly in the Supermarket. Depends on how it is.
      But do you know what we can do on Sunday? There are many interesting flea markets here.
      When you’re staying here for a long time already, you can also sell those again. With all those used (but still in good condition) items, you can earn some cash.
      Yes, maybe. It’s not as much fun though. ☺ But you are right. Also, so many people buy online, even clothes and food.
      Then you could just send it back. But of course, you can’t send back food products. ;)
        Other Things

        What do you mean?
        The opening hours were not enough? ;) As for the rest, the shopping here does not differ all that much. Except maybe...
        Except maybe that nobody here in the Supermarket packs your goods. In Germany, every person packs his own purchases- and they also bring their own bags or pouches. There are some free paper or plastic bags but these are rare. Usually you need a few cents to buy those, which is why many people have their own bags with them.
        Oh, it’s not so bad, and besides, fewer plastic bags are good for the environment. You should hurry a little bit when packing up your groceries though. The cashiers want to keep going with their work.
        Well, it is much less comfortable compared to in the Philippines. But you want to be fast, when you are in a hurry.
        Right ☺ and do not forget to bring a Euro or a chip when you want to use the shopping push cart.
        Exactly! I notice you’re getting to know this better!
        Not for long. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.