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Closing Event

DigiKara - Closing Event and Project Presentations

​On 18th December 2019, the DigiKara project held its closing event and certificate ceremony at the Goethe-Institut. 17 certificates were awarded to the enthusiastic participants who had displayed consistent participation throughout the workshop series and who had shown outstanding commitment as well as presented at the closing event.

There was a tangible sense of celebration and achievement, as well as drive towards continuing to be inspired, to seek partnerships and to actively work on the possibilities presented in Pakistan’s nascent creative industries. Four group project presentations demonstrated the cumulative learning amongst the participants.


Animed aims to build an edu-tainment youtube channel by animating old Pakistani folklores and tales, many of which have a moral lesson, to make them accessible to younger generations. Children will learn about Pakistan’s cultural heritage, possibly providing for an intergenerational link and therefore increased interaction, by updating these stories in a relatively new medium for Pakistan. Some stories may be developed to include a game-like choice for viewers through which they can co-determine the ending of the story, which will keep the viewer interacting and coming back to this channel. This team identified various needs for collaboration for production, such as music producers, writers, gamers, and e-marketers, as well as partners for delivery, including social media and schools.


The objective of A-Touch is to create a world where people have the ability to interact with their loved ones through XR and mental stimulation. The project idea was inspired by the 1973 film “Fantastic Planet”. The envisioned device would reduce travel cost, energy, time, pollution as well as unsatisfactory interactions. It would thus be applicable to many audiences from families across distances to patients or business settings. Though such a device is still out of reach with today’s technologies, collaboration with big tech firms, extensive research and large investments are envisioned to find ways to merge XR and stimulation of the human brain with sensors and chips. Risks, such as to health, and challenges were also presented.


HelpShare is about building a community of helping each other. People in need for help require peace of mind, trust, and quality service. One situation example that was explored in more detail is a car failure while travelling. With the HelpShare app, people can contact to car mechanics who would provide road side assistance. Therefore, this app establishes connections between customers and service providers. Such a platform is unique in Pakistan’s open market in which trust has not been established, thus rating is being introduced. The team has assessed their required combination of skill sets, connections and is vested in this project. A first wire frame and app structure on the customer end has already been designed with the goals to keep it visual and simple.


StitchOn (Stitching Online) envisions itself as a digital fashion label with the main aim to ease frustrations from getting clothes custom tailored and to bring customers the relief of easy online shopping as per personal requirements and measurements. The main target audience is women who usually spend hours between markets, negotiations and tailor visits. The group spoke about their logo design as an essential element in the planning process, as well as the tag line ‘Customize. Pay. Relax.’ A first process flow was presented as well as various actors that need to be collaborated with at different stages.