Karachi Biennale 2022

We are delighted to partner with the Karachi Biennale 2022 and bring German artists to be part of it.

Karachi Biennale is Pakistan’s largest international, contemporary art forum.  Third Karachi Biennale KB22 Dates October 31 to November 14, 2022.

Each Biennale revolves around a theme that is anchored in the host city and also has an international relevance. In 2017, the theme of the Biennale was ‘Witness’ that invited artists to introspect on their times through experiences that were personal, political and social. The second Biennale in KB19 focused on the devastating ‘development footprint’ on ecology that is crucial to Karachi and other cities faced with Climate Change. In October 2022, artists will exhibit works under the rubric ‘Collective Imagination: Now and the Next’, that captures the expanding integration of technology with art.

Artists supported by the Goethe-Institut Pakistan:

 Andreas Lutz (c)KirstenBecken - Andreas Lutz Artist: Andreas Lutz
Country: Germany        
Artwork: Monolith YW
Medium: Kinetic Sculpture (Audio + Visual); Actuators, LED lights, stretchable fabric, custom software, Pre-trained neural network
Art Description: What if there is an inner dialogue by a machine before it communicates to the outside world? Does a self-aware machine have a certain image of itself? How does that change the interaction between a machine and a human being? In this kinetic encounter, people will meet ‘Monolith’’s primal thoughts that arise from the language of the machine: its 25 binary states.
Bio: Andreas Lutz’s practice explores communication between machine systems and people. Lutz looks at the relationship between perception and reality through sound, sign, and sculpture.
Website: https://www.andreaslutz.com/

His work will be displayed at VM Art Gallery in Dhoraji Society.

Dennis Rudolph ©Dennis Rudolph Artist: Dennis Rudolph
Country: Germany
Artwork: Simurghi App
Medium: Augmented Reality (AR), App-based
Art Description: The mythical has always been a source of interest amongst artists. What if a Simurgh was to appear and guide the visitor to experience a 200 years old book? The 200 year old illustrated copy of Firdousi’s ‘Shahnama’ in the NJV School library is brought to life through Augmented Reality. Rudolph uses his ‘3D’ paintings through the Simurgh App to create a new ‘virtual’ way of connecting to one of the longest epic Persian poems, the Shahnamah (977–1010 CE). AR drawings meet the mythical history of Persia’s golden days.
Bio: Dennis Rudolph is a conceptual artist working in augmented reality, virtual reality and painting. His artistic practice looks at history, culture, and 3D visuals.
Website: https://dennisrudolph.com/

His work will be displayed at NJV School.