Concert Concert: Cyminology

Cyminology ©Heiki Steinwegpng

Thu, 21.11.2019

Arts Council Pakistan, Karachi

Cyminology is a Berlin based jazz quartet that combines Persian poetry and chamber-esque contemporary music: East and West, old and new in beautiful synthesis. The subtle yet dynamic, softly-pulsating music takes its cue from the sound of the Persian language presenting poets such as Rumi, Hafis and Khayyam, sung by the lead singer Cymin Samawatie. Their latest album release is “Phoenix”. They are invited for three concerts in Pakistan.

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Cymin Samawatie
Vocals, composition

Born to Iranian parents in Germany, Cymin Samawatie was raised bilingually and bi-culturally. She studied classical music in Hannover, focusing on percussion and piano, as well as jazz voice and composition in Berlin. Cymin Samawatie’s compositions combine the musical colors of impressionism and the vitality of contemporary jazz. Her performance with Bobby McFerrin in 2003 was one of the highlights in her career. In 2008 she started collaborating with producer Manfred Eicher, founder of the ECM record label. Since 2010 she has begun composing for musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic, with whom she has performed on several occasions.In 2013, Cymin Samawatie founded Trickster Orchestra with Ketan Bhatti, which envisions trans-cultural avant-garde music.

Benedikt Jahnel
Piano, composition

Born in France and raised in southern Germany, Benedikt studied Jazz at the University of Arts in Berlin and City College New York. e released several records as leader and coleader of his own trio, Max.bab and other groups. Benedikt received a number of awards and scholarships. His work as a composer and pianist earned him international recognition.His work as a composer and pianist earned him international recognition. Benedikt performed with important modern jazz musicians. He received teaching assignments at different universities.

Ralf Schwarz
double bass

Born in Germany, Ralf began to take organ lessons at the age of 10. At 17, he focused on guitar und played in various Blues, Rock and Alternative Bands.In 1993, he started collaborating with Cymin Samawatie on different projects. He started playing double bass and electric bass in 1999 and one year later studied at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. Since 2003 he lives in Berlin and performs international wide with different ensembles

Ketan Bhatti
Drums, percussion

Born in New Delhi, India, Ketan has been an active musician since his earliest youth. He studied jazz drums at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Together with his brother Vivan Bhatti he is composing and producing music for theater and opera. Ketan received a number of awards and scholarships