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Individual courses

Individual tuition by individual arrangement

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Individualkurse Warschau
  • Individually timetabled
  • Personalised learning rate
  • Direct feedback

For specific individual needs

By arrangement and subject to an in-depth placement test we can offer you themes, tasks and exercises to suit your individual focus. You will receive feedback from the teacher, as well as communication-oriented face-to-face tuition on an individual basis. Lessons can be delivered via the learning platform if required, and in a virtual presence setting using video conferencing software.
  • Level
    By arrangement

  • Start
    By arrangement

  • Duration
    By arrangement

  • Hours per week
    By arrangement

  • Participants

  • Price
    200.00 PLN per lesson lasting 45 minutes

Advice on Courses +48 22 505 9042 Advice by email kurs-warszawa@goethe.de