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Application form – Berlin

Rower, praca w ramach projektu „Labor in a Single Shot” Foto (fragment): Jun LI, Hangzhou, 2014
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“The task at hand is to present the topic “work/labor” by means of a single video sequence; in other words, [participants] will produce videos consisting of only one sequence. The topic is work; paid, unpaid, material or immaterial, traditional or entirely new. This assignment formally introduces the foundations of filming, given that [participants] need to find out: When can a beginning and even an end be found if a repetitive process is being shown? Should the camera be moved or stand still? What is the best way to capture the choreography of a work process in a single sequence? Early films told us: Every detail of the mobile world is worth being documented and considered. And they had a fixed point of view, whereas today’s documentary film only too often presents sequence upon sequence because it is undecided.”
Harun Farocki / Antje Ehmann
See the full description of the project “Labor in a Single Shot” here
The Harun Farocki Institut in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Warsaw offers this unique workshop for filmmakers and video artists to be held from October 3 to November 4, 2020. The workshop will run in parallel to a mirror workshop taking place in Warsaw. Because of the Covid pandemic the workshop could take place either as an online event, in the Silent Green Kulturquartier where the Harun Farocki Insitut is established in Berlin, or in a hybrid format. To be decided in due time. Application deadline: September 25, 2020


The workshop in Warsaw (online or on-site) is the continuation of a series of workshops held by German artists Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann in 15 cities worldwide between 2011 and 2014. Workshops took place in Sligo (Ireland), Lisbon (Portugal), Bangalore (India), Geneva (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel), Berlin (Germany), Cairo (Egypt), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lodz (Poland), Moscow (Russia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Boston (USA), Mexico City, Johannesburg (South Africa), and Hangzhou (China). From 2017 other workshops were held by Antje Ehmann and filmmaker Eva Stoltz in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Marseille (France). The Workshop in Warsaw will be codirected by artist and curator Antje Ehmann and architect Luis Feduchi. Workshop, research and shooting will be organized in teamwork, provided the pandemic restrictions allow. In other case, the research and shooting have to be organized on one's own initiative. Both the Warsaw and Berlin workshops will have a special focus on labor conditions affected by the Covid pandemic or areas likely to receive support from the European reconstruction fund.

Web Catalogue
Films from the workshops can be accessed at the following site: Initial exhibits took place among others in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Lodz, Bangalore, Mexico City, Montreal, Boston, Berlin, Venice, Seoul, Minsk, Barcelona, Madrid, Innsbruck, Munich and Marseille.
After the end of the project Goethe-Institut is considering organizing several exhibitions in galleries and other sites including the films produced in 2020.


All age groups and levels of expertise are welcome. Filmmakers, video artists, independent professionals of related disciplines such as art, architecture or urban studies, academic staff as well as advanced students are invited to apply. 10 individuals based in Poland and 10 individuals based in Germany will be selected among applicants.
Selection criteria are outstanding ideas, engagement, creativity in filmmaking and film results. The selection of the participants will be made by the codirectors.


Because of the Covid pandemic the Berlin workshop could take place either as an online event only, in the Silent Green Kulturquartier where the Harun Farocki Insitut is established or in a hybrid format. To be decided in due time.


At the beginning of the workshop, each participant will present ideas based on their own research proposal with reference to a specific type of work to be filmed, the manner of filming in a single sequence, the protagonist and/or the location. The workshop will include research as well as practical work. Days without scheduled sessions are reserved for research and filming in groups or individually, should Covid restrictions restrict teamwork Exact schedules will be decided during the workshop. Participants will take on various assignments.

Workshop schedule

Open call deadline: 25 September 2020
Selection of participants announcement: 29 September 2020
Berlin Workshop: 3 October - 4 November 2020
Kick-off and first working meetings: 3-7 October 2020, tentatively to take place in the mornings on Sat 3, Mon 5 and Wed 7 October. Site visits to be scheduled over the weekend when possible.
Online working meetings: 9-14 and 23-28 October 2020 (tba)
Research week - Workshop break: 19-23 October 2020
Final working meetings: 30 October – 4 November 2020. Three morning meetings, tentatively to take place on Fri 30 October, Mon 2 and Wed 4 November.
Submission of films: 4 November 2020
Premiere Online Screening: 20 November 2020 The German and Polish workshop films will be premiered online through the communication channels of Goethe-Institut (e.g. FB or Vimeo)


All participants will receive a stipend of 300,00 € to cover production costs.


  • Fluency in English (workshop will be held throughout in English)
  • It is desirable that the applicant has either participated in a short film, movie or in the production process.
  • Workshop attendance is free of charge. If the Covid restrictions allow the physical encounters of participants, the participants have to cover their own cost for travel, accommodations and meals.
  • Each participant agrees to attend scheduled workshop meeting sessions either online, on-site if the COVID restrictions allow, or in a hybrid version. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and their film will be posted on the project’s website.
  • Only individual applications will be accepted – no group applications, please.
  • The applicant may bring his/her own camera and equipment ((HDTV or full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel. Preferably PAL, 25p or 50i fps).
  • The application form should be completed in English. If you are selected, your name will be published on the organizers’ website.
  • An optional part of the application is the submission of a maximum 2-minute film/film clip on DVD or as Livestream link. (The creativity and at the same time the validity of the pictures within a period of one minute will be rated.)

Application Form – Berlin

If you cannot send the application form, please send the data from the form to:

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