Project Coordinator / منسق/ة برنامج

Project Coordinator for Palestinian Cultural Radio Program (M/F/D)

We are looking for a highly motivated colleague to coordinate our project “Palestinian Cultural Radio Program” for a time period of 34 months, starting from 01.06.2021 until 31.03.2024 at the Goethe-Institut in Ramallah in the French German Cultural Center.

Job description:
The project 'Palestinian Cultural Radio Program‛ aims at empowering radio- and sound-practitioners in Palestine and at building up an accessible audio online platform for broadcasting, dissemination and archiving purposes of audio content and to oversee, co-curate and co-conceptualize production of cultural audio content at the newly built and fully equipped sound studio at the French-German Cultural Center. The project coordinator is responsible for the execution and implementation of the project action plan.

The project in a nutshell:
The Palestinian Cultural Radio Program aims to launch sustainable cultural audio initiatives, including the use of a community audio/sound studio, an online audio platform and a mobile radio/audio studio ('radiobus‛) to produce, edit, and disseminate critical cultural content. In addition, this is promoted and accompanied by the organization of 'radio residencies' for cultural audio practitioners in cooperation with local CSOs and universities, the establishment of a 'radio academy‛ and the organization of an intensive two-week skills development program in Europe (Germany) for young Palestinian audio practitioners ('radio bridges‛). Furthermore, sub-grants to civil society actors, independent art collectives, and cultural grassroots CSOs, amongst others to produce cultural audio content are awarded.
The project is to be realized within 3 years, and seeks for broad collaborations within Palestine, the Arab world and Europe. Also, the project includes several academic, sub-granting-programs and strategies for a broad and decentralized stakeholdership.

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Please address your application including at least two to three references, CV and a motivation letter until 08.05.2021 to:
Applications without complete documents cannot be taken into account.