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Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan

20.-30.04.2023 - Yerevan, Armenia
Application Deadline: February 19th 2023 

In the framework of the project EU4Dialogue, Goethe-Institut is calling for cultural managers and professionals from South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova for the third Cultural Management Academy.
EU4Dialogue is a project financed by the European Union, running from May 2021 to April 2025 in the South Caucasus and Moldova. It fosters educational and cultural exchange between professionals, students and artists, with special focus on overcoming existing divides.

EU4Dialogue - Component 3 is implemented by:
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Goethe-Institut, Campus France, Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji, Brussels Diplomatic Academy, Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts & Equality, National Library of Latvia and Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. 

THEMATIC FOCUS: Tradition of the New

Arts and culture are always both the keepers of tradition and collective identity as well as a force to rethink and reshape societies. During the third edition of the CMA we will collectively explore the potential of creative approaches that deal with the tension between tradition and innovation, in public space and the domain of art, culture and heritage. This often implies the artistic investigation of the fine line between personal and collective identity in societies that are more and more fragmented into communities defined by ethnicity, religion, gender identification e.a.

The EU4Dialogue academies have the form of a platform for horizontal knowledge exchange and developing ideas together. They offer a quality process, without the ambition to solve anything or produce a final outcome. Each participant, including the organisers and guest lecturers, both teach and learn, offer knowledge and experiences and learn from others, and together, in a dialogue, develop a shared understanding of matters at stake.

Each academy will cover the following themes:
  • culture as connector (building bridges, connecting communities, inter-cultural, inter-generational, between public and independent sectors) 
  • culture as a democratic pillar (participation, engagement, empowerment) 
  • culture and conflict
  • cultural management approaches 
  • cultural leadership strategies 
  • sustainability (culture as part of an ecosystem, urban development, partnerships etc.) 
  • entrepreneurship, public and private funding 
Each participant will be both a learner and a teacher. If selected you will be asked to contribute with examples from your professional practice in the framework of the academy. This can be a project you were involved in, or a project that you have been following. It can both be a good practice example or an experience that was challenging. 

You will also be asked to contribute with reading references. This can be an article, a video, a podcast or an artwork. Regular close reading sessions during the academy will be organized. Collected reading references will result in a reader for each academy.

The academy is offering the opportunity to learn from international trainers and to develop new skills, to share ideas through transversal networking with the aim of developing cross-sectoral innovation that will contribute to the sustainable development of the cultural sector

Curator of the Cultural Management Academy: Lars Ebert, director H401, Amsterdam
Guest trainers and speakers of the third academy will be announced soon!


The third edition of the academy in April 2023 offers the opportunity for an intensive seminar in Yerevan, in addition to  cultural exploration activities and a project idea incubator. 
  1. Cultural Management Academy
    20-30 April in Yerevan, Armenia

    Academy stages:
    20 April - travel day to Yerevan
    21-23 April - introductory modules & field trips
    24 April - day off/ activities in the framework of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
    25-29 April - intensive seminar
    30 April - travel day from Yerevan

    The programme offers the opportunity to participate in an intensive seminar, which will include lectures, workshops, interactive exercises, collective and individual sessions, and other capacity building formats dealing with the topic indicated above. We want to create a framework in which various creators and operators within the cultural field can attend a professional held by international trainers, so that they can deal with the new challenges facing this sector.

    During the seminar side activities will be organised, such as a guided tour for foreign participants and guests; outdoor networking events; indoor events; speed dating between participants and local cultural institutions, which will be announced after the selection process. 
  2. Residency Opportunities
    To support the capacity building process, each academy will include a project incubator with the aim of encouraging participants to apply with project proposals that will be developed into residencies. Some of the project ideas of the participants will be selected and developed in the framework of residency programs after the academy ends.  


If you are from/living in South Caucasus and Moldova, including conflict-affected regions, and you  
  • are a cultural manager, institutional leader, cultural producer, curator with min. two years of experience   
  • work independently, or in a public or private cultural organisation    
  • want to build your own and your organisation's capacity    
  • are curious about changes in the world, solution-oriented in the field and want to enhance your working environment   
  • are currently in the process of rethinking your activity and want to share your perspective and learn from trainers and peers    
  • want to connect with like-minded people and develop new ideas and solutions together
…then, the Cultural Management Academy of EU4Dialogue is the right place for you!   


After selection you will receive funding:
  • to participate in all activities 
  • for accommodation and travel costs from your city of residence to Yerevan
  • for 3 meals a day during your stay in Yerevan


The working language of the Academy is English (intermediate level of understanding is sufficient).


Please submit your application until 19.02.2023.
In order to do this, first register on the Goethe Application Portal (GAP). After creating an account on the GAP, then you will have acces to the registration form here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: