Aytegin Djumaliev: Mutual Incompleteness

Aytegin Djumaliev
© Alexey Kubasov

Mutual Incompleteness, sound, 10:00 min., 2016

A border signifies a measure of separation, a special arrangement for the preservation of one's own identity. But what if a border induces some sort of deficiency?
This soundscape has panned into different areas of the sound spectrum playing on different “border” locations of the speaker outputs. If you come closer and listen you can only hear one part of the overall sound. But if you move back or perhaps listen to the sound from above or below you can hear the full spectrum. This is precisely what Mutual Incompleteness means, namely the point where these two forms coalesce to create a monolith. (Aytegin Djumailiev)

Aytegin Djumailiev
born 1991 in Bischkek, Kyrgyzstan

Musician, free artist, Dj, since 2010 works under pseudonym „broxxz“. 2005 Shubin music school on a class of violin. 2009 graduated from the ArtEast School for Contemporary Art. 2009-2012 studied graphic design in I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University. 2012-2014 studied composition in Kyrgyz National Conservatory named after K.Moldobasanov. Participated in a great variety of workshops: 2015 “Playing Together in Kyrgyzstan; 2014 “Reimagining the new man” in Tajikistan; 2011 Andrea Studel workshop of live animation in Kyrgyzstan. 2010    Triangle Arts: Britto Art Trust international workshop in Bangladesh and a lot of workshops at ArtEast Media-Art Centre in Kyrgyzstan. Curatorial projects: 2016 musicfestival “Unsound Dislocation: Bishkek”. 2010 “On.Off.” in Kyrgyzstan. Exhibitions: 2011 “Trash Festival 2: Make a Forest” in Kyrgyzstan; 2010 “On.Off.” in Kyrgyzstan and “Stills” in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. 2009 “Trash Festival”, “Summer school with Cascoland” and “Eifel Tower” all in Kyrgyzstan; 2009 “M'artian Fields - Collaboration” in Moscow, Russia. 2007 participated also in the “52th Venice Biennale”.