Marat Raiymkulov:
The Quantum Nausea

Marat Raiymkulov
© Alexey Kubasov

The Quantum Nausea 2.0, video, 9:30 min., music by Ulan Mldspv, 2016

In a similar way to Gaisha Madanova in this exhibition, Marat Rauykulov addresses an interior world which is radically isolated from every form of outside influence. The drawn line––typical for the work of this Kyrgyz artist––thus becomes a sensitive membrane between inside and outside/interior and exterior. In his manifesto he writes:
The Quantum Nausea:

  • is a series of crudely made animated cartoons about the border which, when approached, puts us at risk of falling into a quantum state of uncertainty. There is a moment when the border itself falls apart … we find ourselves in a vertiginous space. We start to feel bilious! “SOS!” we cry out, but we are the only ones who can help ourselves;
  • the post-failure state, when projects fall through one by one; this is a state of total shock;
  • the state when we reshape the world, redraw borders, reinitiate our relationships with significant others;
  • the state experienced by people thrown into outer space, with ideals still flickering in the distance … people are incapable of doing anything, they are looking for help, but there isn't any;
  • is vomiting; if only you could put yourself back together piece by piece, against the growing entropy … reassemble yourself after a heavy drinking bout … they expect actions, activity, a reaction on your part, and you feel like you’re living in another world … you are drowning in yourself … total powerlessness …
  • is to vomit yourself away in accordance with clear logic and the demands of art; it is a deafening powerlessness with a flickering sound”.
(Marat Raiymkulov)

Marat Raiymkulov
* 1984 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Artist, working in the format of black and white graphics and drawn animation. Studied physicist in Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University and in Eurasian National Univercity. 2010: Art Summer School in Dushambe, Tajikistan. Curatorial projects in Kyrgyzstan are 2005–2015 Art Group “705”; 2013–2015 Art Project “Kitchen promeeting”; 2011–2013 Art Project “The Central Asian Autumn of the Patriarch”; 2010 “Ecology of life”. Solo exhibitions: 2012 “The King of Rats” in Milan, Italy; 2009–2011 “Paradis perdu” in Almaty, Astana and in Kostanay, Kazakhstan; 2009 “Process” (illustrations of Kafka’s novel) in Astana, Kazakhstan. Festivals & group exhibitions: 2015 AUCA Public Art Program, 2014 “Учиться у тропинок” both in Kyrgyzstan. 2014 “Oslo” Screen Festival in Norway. 2012 “Rooftop” Films 2012 Summer Series in New York, USA. 2011 Central Asia Pavilion of 54 Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. 2010 “On.Off.” in Kyrgyzstan. 2009 “Here and now” in Kazakhstan.