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Boosting Shoots

Boosting Shoots 983x427
Goethe Institut

Artists have been suffering from not being able to produce and share work since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic. Their income is reduced to 0 for many of them. The Boosting Shoots grants were aimed at supporting digital mini productions by artists based in Rwanda. 

No theme was imposed, the only constraints were to create a maximum 1 minute project (diaporama, video, sound, animation...). This first call received 86 applications among which 10 projects were chosen. In the 10 selected projects were two music videos by Calene Ingabire and Cheryl Isheja aka Binghi, four micro fictions with themes going from our relationship to death, to mental health and LGBTIQ by Jules Cesar, Remy Ryumugabe, Ganza Moïse and Rebecca Uwamahoro, one animation film by Sebastian Iradukunda, one dance and music video about the street culture in Nyamirambo by Manzi Mbaya and two photographic projects by Jennifer Muhadogora and Jean Luc Habimana.

The jury paid attention to not only chose well known artists but also to give the opportunity to younger creatives to get known. We also asked the artists to give us the names of their collaborators which allows more people (artists, technicians, musicians...) to benefit from the visibility the posts bring.

The Boosting Shoots Grants had two editions in 2020 to support young artists in the Covid-hit creative scene. The projects, selected by the interdisciplinary jury and project coordinator Louise Mutabazi, led to new digital approaches to different artistic disciplines in Rwanda.