Interview-Series about Passion
Passions of young Rwandans

This series is about passion. What constitutes passion? What is the significance of passion in our everyday lives? In a series of interviews with different people, we get to know their passion. The focus is on young Rwandans who are pursuing their passion and pursuing their dreams and goals in the professional world.

Passion is a state that most of us know. However, this feeling of passion is difficult to put into words. When we do something that we enjoy extremely, the time passes incredibly fast and we would like to spend the whole day doing it, we know that it must be passion. Some have discovered their passion very early, others find it only in the course of their life. In any case, passion is a positive and joyful feeling that motivates and inspires us humans.

This series explores a wide range of passions and provides insights into the lives of young Rwandans. From science to photography to singing, passion is as diverse as the people behind it. What passion means to the young Rwandans interviewed and how their professional lives evolved from this passion becomes clear in this series. Immerse yourself in the stories and fascinations that accompany the everyday lives of these young people!

by Antonia Kambouris