Interview-Series about Passion
Passion for Fashion

Moses Turahirwa
Antonia Kambouris

We had a conversation with Moses Turahirwa about his passion for fashion. Moses Turahirwa is the founder of MOSHIONS a successful brand, which combines continental heritage with contemporary fashion.

What does fashion mean to you?
“Fashion for me means a lot. Due to my work as a fashion Designer fashion means a way of expressions and it depends on different people. For me personally fashion is a way to communicate to the world. So it is my own way to express myself using fashion.”

By seeing your work and the way you talk about the meaning of fashion it gets clear that you are passionate about fashion. How would you define passion?
“I would define passion as love because when I say I have a passion for fashion it means that I love fashion. When you have a passion you always find a way to deal with difficulties no matter how challenging they are. So passion for me is the love beyond barriers. “

Is passion something that one has from birth or does passion develops in some way?
“I think passion is both. Some people are born with passion for something and at some stage it gets to develop. We are born differently and the difference comes that says there is a time a person will find their passion. Some people find it very early, others later. Even if a person is born with a passion, that passion keeps blossoming and keeps growing. Also there is a time of confusion- especially in the art when you express something and then you get to find your passion, so it is both ways, either you get to be born with passion or it can also be developed. “

For many people fashion is a way of expressing themselves authentically and by heart. Would you agree to say that the clothes a person is wearing describes their character?
“Yes I think it would be really hard to run away from that. Because whenever a person is wearing an outfit it goes with the expression of how they are feeling this day, what they think about as well as their energies led with what they are wearing. At the same time from the perspective of the creatives, the designer, it is at the same time when people relate to what we create. They relate with the emotions the outfit is expressing and then as well as with the way they want to express their emotions. People can find themselves in that. So I think it is also an expression from the creators to the wearers. So either on the side of the creator or the client it is both an expression. The clothes definitely define or express how the person is feeling, how the person is living and everything.”

What makes up a successful fashion designer?
“You simply have to have the passion to create fashion, so as we said a love of what you are doing and have a clear plan on how you want to grow. So when you nail down your passion, your love for something and you have a clear plan on how you want to grow, which means to place your signature, establishing your identity as who you are as a designer for fashion it is really key to nail down the clear vision on how you want to identify yourself as yourself and be consistent with it and then the success comes with that.”

What would you say to people who haven’t found their passion yet?
“It is never too late. To find your passion does not have a limit. There is no right age to find a passion, so there is not a perfect time. It is only the perfect time when it happens. It is important to be patient to fetch towards and have the courage to find what you really like. So investing in knowing yourself is worth a lot. If you know yourself you find what really connects with you and then you have to go for it. So it can go through different stages of confusion or trying out different things but in the end you will find your passion. So no one should feel like they are left out, because they haven’t found it yet. It is just about timing.”

After this conversation with Moses it seems that fashion is deeply connected with emotions as well as the expression of them. Same goes for passion as Moses describes the meaning as “love beyond barriers”. By reflecting on passion and what it stands for it becomes clear that passion is part of a process that needs a spark of interest in the beginning. So passion not only constitutes of dreaming but as taking action of following that dream. However passion does not describe arriving at a state that was wished for. Passion is loving and enjoying doing something in the moment. Maybe one could even say it does not even matter what the outcome is, because passion is the drive of doing what you love itself.

by Antonia Kambouris