Passion for illustrations

Dolph Banza
Dolph Banza | Antonia Kambouris

Dolph Banza is passionate about combining visuals with stories in Graphic Novels. In this interview he explains how impactful illustrations are and where he gets his inspiration from.

How would you define passion?
“Passion is your space, your niche, your comfort zone. Passion is where you go without anyone to push you.  So passion is something you do effortlessly, something you like. It is your space and your universe. That is how I define passion.”

What would you like to share about your passion?
“I like to share what I have learned about illustrations. This has been my course, my fight for a while. There is so much going on in this field. I have discovered with illustrations I get to understand lines, how they work, how they get into harmony. That defines a lot of things in the universe. For me going beyond illustrations and talking about the function of lines is what I am excited about to share with my friends, my fellow designers and so on. So yeah for me all of it is very interesting.”

In which ways are Graphic Novels important?
“Usually we tell stories and we let people imagine visuals for the stories that we tell. So the thing about graphic novels they can both embed more text and visuals to make the story more impactful more vital and more creative! Graphic Novel is a medium that is very interesting, especially for the youth, because combining text with drawings is just amazing. It makes it more interesting and catchy.”

How can you reflect on challenges through Graphic Novel?
“The Graphic Novel language can talk to everyone, even to people who can’t read, they can still understand the images. So we use Graphic Novels to push people to change, so we call it behavior change communication and it is very effective. What illustration has impacted in Rwanda, in terms of fixing problems and behavior change illustration is amazing. So for me tackling different challenges, related to health, education, rights, graphic novel is one of the best mediums because it does not need electricity or any other resources to be read.“

Where do you take your inspiration from?
“That’s a very interesting question. There is no limitation on where I get inspired. I get inspired by nature, animal kingdom, different textures and different colors. I get inspired by so many things. Art mimics the universe so you get inspired by the universe. I take my inspiration from a lot of things but mostly previous designs, architecture, engineering but I also get a lot of inspiration from nature. You know flowers have a lot of colors and that is very inspiring for someone who creates images. People inspire a lot in terms of emotions, but nature and structure inspire a lot in terms of visuals and appeal.“

Why do you like to draw?
“When I was young my toys were a pen and paper. I began drawing, kept drawing and never stopped. From nursery to university I was drawing. I studied something different but drawing has always been my passion. The act of creation, making art is seeking for harmony. We seek for harmony because it makes things work. That is a very wide topic to unpack but yes this is why I like to draw.”

by Antonia Kambouris