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Ubwonko. English Translation: Brain.© Antik Dust

Immersive Mixed Media Art Installation
Womb of Thoughts

A single chair on an uncovered floor, the roof semi-transparent and wooden walls that show colourful memories of past vistors:

The Womb of Thoughts is an immersive mixed media art installation by Mvfasta. He is a creative artist who shares his new album UBWONKO, meaning brain in Kinyarwanda, in an old but new school way: The listening is analog via antique Walkman cassette player which is only accessable in an installation looking like a booth that mimics an open box, moving from place to place in Kigali city.

In his own words the idea for The Womb of Thoughts grew in him and slowly took shape. Mvfasta created it as an attempt to communicate a mixture of numerous feelings and the need to express himself. "As much as we are social beings, we are also individuals and it’s important that we identify our individual selves within our communities, and the roles we play in creating our shared reality." The creative believes that the latter can be achieved through continuous conscious reflection and expression. Therefore, he is inviting to experience his arts: "Everything is there to spark a thought. Or two :)".

As being part of the music collective Antik Dust that unites solo albums to a bigger musical experience the creative artist anticipates even greater fulfilment to come. UBWONKWO is the second piece of art that followed the album AMARASO by Ngaara which explores human bonds as the essence of life.The final one ROHO is to complete the trilogy in the future.

  • Artist Mvfasta from Antik Dust © Antik Dust
  • AntikDust@Goethe © GI Kigali
  • The Womb of Thoughts © GI Kigali
  • AntikDust@GIKigali © GI Kigali