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Join the quest of Ruganzu, an exiled prince who's striving to revive ILAGIK, his home kingdom that endured a total invasion of the KASHA raiders led by KIGWE, the Mindset Monster. 

What it seeks to solve

One of the cleanest cities in the world, one of the safest cities, one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa: KIGALI. However, as in other growing cities, it's hard to socialize among the citizens. Locals and the larger number of expats barely connect and build a sense of community.

That is why Team Kigali created “ILAGIK”: to build a playful experience which is wrapped around the concept of creating an outgoing community using public spaces as a platform. As this game is for exploring the city, it also is a recruitment for activists. After playing the game, participants have a chance of becoming part of the game designers to build an even bigger community that fights for freedom and connectivity between people by using public spaces as a platform for conversations to happen.

ILAGIK: Story and Locations

ILAGIK: The Search of Ruganzu is a game of places. The locations mostly explore the public spaces that are well kept by the city but are inaccessible for the public. Criteria like popularity, accessibility, uniqueness and potential accessibility in the future were followed in the process of selecting locations to be featured in the game. Plus, the game weaves the locations’ real-world characteristics together with the story’s extended metaphor.

In a futuristic time, when all kingdoms over the world are dirty, the ozone layer breaking and the sun radiating badly on people, a very special kingdom called ILAGIK is protected by a glassy dome which turns into a powerful shield at the will of the king with a royal magnetic seed in his hand. When word was out that there is still a place where people played outdoors and were scenic looking, a man called Kigwe and his mercenaries attacked ILAGIK with the aim of stealing that powerful shield. The king, who recently had a son, heard the intentions of Kigwe and broke the shield into pieces. He gave those to his royal knights with commands of hiding separately all around ILAGIK to make it difficult for Kigwe to get the pieces. Eventually, Kigwe killed the king and reigned for years over ILAGIK but could not find the pieces. ILAGIK sunk into chaos, the Ilagikans could not play outdoors and would turn into old people with wrinkles. Now at the age of 18, prince Ruganzu, the one who is protected from the radiation by his royal blood, is coming back from exile to rescue ILAGIK by finding the pieces and reconstructing the shield.

Ruganzu's Quest and enemies

As a player, you are taken into the main character Ruganzu, into his bone and flesh, into his courage and thirst of vengeance. Your rival is Kigwe, the Mindset Monster, a spirit that indoctrinate and corrupt every Ilagikan making them prisoners of freedom. To destroy Kigwe and his army, you must collect all parts of a broken shield that used to be a protecting symbol of ILAGIK. Every piece is hidden somewhere where only a tactful player knows. You must find all eight parts before Kigwe reaches them because he too is hunting them to secure his invasion. You also have to get the two-tip spear from Kigwe that identifies who rules ILAGIK.

Why should I play ILAGIK?

Because the pieces were scattered all around Kigali, the player is taken on a journey across the city spying, hiding, running, solving puzzles to find the knights and construct the shield. This is the first location-based game in Rwanda. Want to tour Kigali, want to dive into Rwanda's culture and rich history? Want to discover and relax at beautiful public spaces of Kigali in or from the far? And most importantly, if you want to be granted the title activist and join the game creators to go on more journeys, then start playing. ILAGIK: The Legend Of Ruganzu is the FIRST EVER PLAYFUL SOLUTION we have.

The Team from Kigal

iChristian Niyigena, Mugisha Come Emmanuel, Andric Ishami Kwisanga 

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