Tuko – Life in Goma: Kongolesisch-ruandische Webserien

Tuko - Life in Goma


In a workshop, artists from the DR Congo and Rwanda developed a web series about the East Congolese city of Goma. The city known for war and natural disasters is portrayed from an unusual point of view.

TUKO-LIFE IN GOMA is a web series, produced, directed and shot by ten young Congolese and Rwandese artists and aspiring filmmakers. The series shows the city of Goma from the perspectives of young creatives, overcoming their country's shared history to create new narratives of a city usually known for war and natural disasters. In five episodes, it explores the vibrant art scene, the city's peculiar phenomenons like the similarities between the church and bar culture, unemployment, urban myths. The series paints intimate portraits of the city's diverse inhabitants. Partly narrated with the help of local dance groups, the episodes invite viewers to dive into the city's underground art scene and get to see Goma from a another perspective.

The series was created and shot in the period of three weeks in a workshop by Yole Africa, Goethe Institut Kinshasa and Kigali under the creative guidance of Rwandese director Amelia Umuhire.


Episode 1: „Bientôt les messagers“

Pamela Tulizo, Victoire Ikitegetse, 4min30

In Bientôt les messagers we get a rare insight into Goma’s art scene. Narrated by a poetry slam from the political student movement “La Lucha”, the episode shows that art can break the silence and open up necessary conversation.

Episode 2: „Ajira“

Concorde Amani, Arnold Habyarimana, 4min59

In Ajira we meet unemployed graduates in Goma, who after finishing graduating in law, statistics and management, find themselves unemployed and looking for a way to get by. The episode is partly narrated by the director of the local unemployment agency.


Episode 3: „Dawa“

Chamani Latouifa Feta Feta, Fiston Mudacumura, 3min09

Because of the volcanic ashes, the air of Goma has been the subject of many urban myths. One is that people, not used to the air of Goma used to think they had been poisoned and sought healing through traditional medicine. In Dawa the myth is interpreted by the Goma Dance troupe “Sangua” in an experimental, trippy music video.


Episode 4: „Survive“

Giscard Twahirwa, Bernadette Vivuya
Survive tells the story of a childhood in Goma. It's the story of Kavira, an orphaned girl who learns how to love life again.


Episode 5: „Ipseite Identique“

Promesse Kitakya, Elisabeth Utamuriza, 3min52
In this musical essay, we examine the similarities between church and bar culture in Goma through two hip hop dancers from Goma.