Artist Residency
Digital Arts and Public Space

Abel Korinsky

From mid-September to mid-October, the Goethe-Institut Kigali, together with the Rwanda Arts Initiative, invited for the first time to the artist residency Digital Arts and Public Space.
The Berlin-based sound artist Abel Korinsky was able to persuade a local, interdisciplinary jury of experts with his installations, in which he deals primarily with the relationship of sound and space.
The residency, which aims at accessing the public space through artistic means, takes place in Kigali for the first time this year.

Portrait Abel Korinsky
© Abel Korinsky

Abel Korinsky's artistic work is set between audio- and visual art. In his big scale walk-in installations, he uses audio recordings from different contexts and adds them into the space, which gives that space a new meaning and sensorial value. Together with his two brothers, he forms the artist collective Korinsky, and founded the Atelier Korinsky - Atelier für vertikale Flächen (gallery for vertical surfaces) in Berlin. They have been working together for several years.

The artist residency aims at accessing the public space through artistic/digital means. Artistic-technical interventions in the public space shall invite the spectator to engage with the social aspects of the respective space. What is perceived as useable? Where do we perceive borders? Who draws these borders? Where do we find non-places? How do we move within the space?

Lichtinstallation im Raum © Abel Korinsky
Abel Korinsky's works are focusing on the aspects of space and place that are not perceptible at first glance. The use of sound either makes the space more accessible, transforms it, or gives it a new character. Abandoned buildings are being put into a different time, the invisible is made visible, and the inaudible made audible. Abel Korinsky applies sound and lighting technology in such a way, that he creates a whole new sensorial and emotional access to the space. Furthermore, he deals with the physical and emotional aspects of human hearing, for which he, together with his brothers as the artist collective Korinsky, have developed software. The software creates auditory illusions which allow for an innovative hearing experience.

We are looking forward to welcoming Abel Korinsky to the residency Digital Arts and Public Space here in Kigali!