01.-30. June 2022
Pride Month

Pride Month GI Kigali

In June, we celebrate Pride Month and take a stand against discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community. Pride stands for the diversity of different gender identities, as well as sexual orientations. Therefore, we want to give space to the LGBTQI+ community and their allies to share their ideas, hopes and visions.

Pride Month takes place every year in June and celebrates queer people who stand up against prejudice and stigma. It originates from the Stonewall Riots that took place on 28 June 1969 on Christopher Street in New York.  At that time, homosexuality was still considered a criminal offence in the US.

The Stonewall riots revealed the long history of mistreatment of LGBTQI+ people in New York and launched a new era of resistance. Furthermore, it sparked a debate about the way that LGBTQI+ people were treated by society and laid the foundation for what we know today as Christopher Street Day. Nowadays there is still a lot of prejudice and stigma towards queer people and in many countries they even face legal prosecution.

As a cultural institution that stands for diversity and tolerance, we would like to contribute to this year's Pride Month. We will show films about LGBTQI+ and engage in discussion to counteract prejudice and social stigmatization. Furthermore, we will inform on our social media channels about different topics concerning the queer community.

By Donata Langenbacher