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Newsletter February 2024

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Dear readers,

We are delighted to announce quite a few events in this months' newsletter. As well as some calls for applications both for teachers' trainings and artists. 

Apart from that we are glad to announce that we do now have a stage in the back of our institute. This will allow us to host more events at our venue and we are glad to have one theater event and two concerts happening in the first two weeks of Februrary to inaugurate it.
On the other hand we also have to say goodbye to our intern Paulina who assisted our team in the cultural department for the past 4,5 monts. We appreciate her engagement and wish her all the best of luck for her future.

As announced before, we are now also offering B2 intensive courses. The registration period for those has already started and will be open until Friday, the 2nd of February. The course will take place Monday-Friday 5:30-8pm.

Please also have a look at our website to see the Call for Applications for the Teachers' Training Programme 2024. German learners with no further experience in teaching can apply and get a paid opportunity to work with the Geothe-Institut.

If you want to know about some Calls for Applications regarding artistic projects, make sure to follow us on Social Media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

All the best,
The Goethe-Institut Kigali

Upcoming Events

"Beyond the Shame" Theaterstück

© Khald Steve

"Beyond the Shame" Theater play

After Khald Steve and his team showed their documentary on drug abuse in Rwanda at our institute in September last year, "Beyond the Shame" is now entering its second round. The topic will be adapted in the form of a theatre play, followed by a Q&A with the artists. The event will be held in Kinyarwanda and English. 
Konstantin Dupelius: Knowledge

© Goethe-Institut Kigali

Album Release Tour: Konstantin Dupelius - Knowledge

Konstantin Dupelius released his debut album "Knowledge" at the end of 2023. Now the Goethe-Institut Kigali has the honour of having him present it on our stage.
He and the Burundian musician Bernice the Bell will also perform some songs together as an exciting duo. Don't miss out on it: Thursday, February 8th, 6pm.
"Tales of Beauty" Exhibtion

© Goethe-Institut Kigali

"Tales of Beauty" Exhibtion

Myriam Birara is one of the winners of our Call for Applications 2023. With her exhibition "Tales of Beauty", she aims to create a discourse around ideals of beauty among African women. Her exhibition includes several paintings that thematise the topic with different approaches.

The exhibition is open from 10th-17th of February at the Atelier Acedemy. There will be opening and closing events for it.
Max Prosa

© Sandra Ludewig

Concert Max Prosa

The German singer-songwriter Max Prosa visits Kigali and will perform a concert at our institute! 

Be sure to not miss this great chance to see the well-known artist perform live in the Heart of Kigali.
Mbara Meza Festival

© Maison Inkindi

Mbara Meza Festival

A colorful mix of music, fashion, theater and visual arts - that is MBARA MEZA - second edition. Get ready for three days full of events which will take place at the Mundi-Center and Goethe-Institut.
Entry is free, VIP tickets can be purchased. The festival lineup will be communicated via Social Media.

Past events

Talk-Series: "Leaving no-one behind"

© HoAF

HoAF event series: Leave no-one behind

The first talk of the "Leaving no-one behind" online-series from the "House of African Feminisms" started this Wednesday. Together with Edwige Dro and the author herself, we discussed Tolu Agbelusi's book "Locating Strongwoman". We thank all the participants for the lively dialogue and the inspiring contributions.

The House of African Feminisms is proud to announce a new digital programme: the talk series “Leaving no-one behind”. The series is centered around the theme of intersectionality in African Feminisms and will consist of six conversations throughout the year with African feminist scholars discussing the idea of intersectionality in an African context.
Follow the House of African Feminisms for announcements on further events.