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4 Kings © PortAuPrincePictures_Kristian_Lechner

Tue, 03.12.2019

Goethe-Institut Kigali

13, Avenue Paul VI/KN 27 Street Kiyovu
P.B. 6889 Kigali

4 Kings

Director: Theresa von Eltz, colour, 99 min., 2014/15

It's Christmas, the time of peace and family gatherings. Not so for four teenage girls and boys, Lara, Alexandra, Timo and Fedja, nor for Dr Wolf, whose charges they are in an adolescent psychiatric treatment centre. It transpires during the therapy sessions, painful for everyone concerned, that the conflicts which the youngsters face are rooted in their respective family histories. The Christmas celebrations at the centre contain happy and unhappy surprises - yet, in spite of a bitter failure, there is hope