Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative Rotterdam  

The Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative's mission is to develop Rotterdam South as a social, economical and cultural stronger and wealthier area. It provides an organizational structure in which revenues and benefits can go directly to its members, local stores, organisations and inhabitants. Through strategic organization the skills and resources present in the area are used efficiently.

Annual meeting © Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative

Meeting of the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative © Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative

Neighbours signing up for the Cooperative © Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative

People from the neighbourhood sign up for the cooperative © Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative

Civic Systems Lab London

Civic Systems Lab is a laboratory that designs and tests methods, strategies and systems to grow the civic economy at regional, city and local level. This economy, which is built on the ideas and models of innovative citizen-led initiatives, is creating new systems in areas ranging from energy to food, and housing to play. It's changing the appearance and economies of places across the UK and around the world. Civic Systems Lab is working in partnership with local councils, housing associations and other institutions to re-organise our local systems to create equality of opportunity for all people.

The Open Works shopfront © Civic Systems Lab

The Open Works shopfront © Civic Systems Lab

Open Books © Civic Systems Lab

Connect the Dots Dublin

Connect the Dots aims at getting everyone together – in one room, working on one issue: underutilised space in Dublin. Councillors, architects, city planners, squatters, artists, charities for the homeless, academics, students, social entrepreneurs, and DIY initiatives will share both food and knowledge as we figure out ways to not only connect the dots, but to make a difference in Dublin.

Connect the Dots - Event © Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots - Event © Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots - Workshop © Connect the Dots

GivRum Copenhagen

GivRum is a non-profit organisation that works to promote user-driven urban development by engaging citizens in building their own city. The goal is to empower citizens through knowledge sharing, cultural collaboration and community building. Each of the projects is oriented towards helping emerging creative communities to become catalysts for positive, sustainable and democratic city development.

Bolsjefabrikken GivRum's first spaces © Bolsjefabrikken

GivRum organises the ThinkSpace conference © GivRum

During a Workshop © GivRum

Hauskvartalet Oslo

The former squatters at Hauskvartalet in Oslo and Eriksen Skajaa Architects have together designed an urban ecological residential projects with non-commercial rental housing. The project is a discussion on what the sustainable minimum dwelling is today and an examination of how to develop housing projects with a high degree of participation.

Axonometric projection of the Hauskvartalet building plans © Hausmania

Hausmania © thomasmarthinsen

Hausmania © Ann Bækken

Homebaked Liverpool

The Homebaked Bakery Co-operative was incorporated in June 2012 by a group of local residents passionate about the possibilities of re-opening an old bakery in community ownership, and creating a successful enterprise with social as well as financial value. Homebaked aims to support the local Liverpool community to "take matters into their own hands" regarding the future of their neighbourhood. They also founded the Homebaked Community Land Trust, a membership organisation that allows local people to collectively buy, develop and manage land and buildings.

Homebaked © Jeanne van Heeswijk

Baking class © Amy Franceschini

Homebaked © Jeanne van Heeswijk

Leeszaal Rotterdam

What would you do if your city announced it would close 18 out of 24 local libraries? Protest, complain, become a cynic, or take action and create something new? After having tried the first, a group of residents from Rotterdam West decided it was time for the latter. In 2 years time a group of 90 volunteers have invented a lively community space. Open five days a week the Reading Room has a collection of 30.000 books you can just take out, 5 newspapers, computers, wifi and a range of programs revolving around language, literature, imagination and participation. With over 15.000 visitors a year the Reading Room showcases what a truly public space can look like.

Chinese poets draw a truly mixed public during Poetry International Festival at the Reading Room © Tineke De Lange

Details from the interior of the Reading Room © Tineke de Lange

Leeszaal @ Mark Deckers

Mitt 127 Stockholm

Mitt 127 is an initiative by young people for young people from Skärholmen, an outer Stockholm district with 90% of the people having a migration background. Mitt 127 organises festivals, launched educational programs and raises awareness of political issues amongst young people from the area. Through their initiatives, Mitt127 succeeded in creating a local community where everyone is welcome.

Mitt 127 summer festival © Mitt 127

Mitt 127 © Mitt 127

Aseffa Hailu and Krister Eyjolfsson, the two founders of Mitt 127

North Kelvin Meadow Glasgow

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign is a community group set up in October 2008 to campaign for the green space in Glasgow's Maryhill/North Kelvinside area to be kept as a multi-use community green space for the people of Maryhill and others in the West End. The initiative claims that through sharing open public spaces, social inequality can be reduced.

North Kelvin Meadow Protest George Square © North Kelvin Meadow

North Kelvin Meadows © North Kelvin Meadow

North Kelvin Meadows © North Kelvin Meadow

Oranssi Ry Helsinki

Oranssi ry ("Orange group") is a Finnish organisation created to renovate and repair old houses as reasonably priced rental apartments for young people. The key concept is participation of residents in planning, renovation and practical maintenance. The aim is to encourage and support young people to find their independence by providing low-cost housing and create steady, lively and socially united housing communities.

The residents of the Oranssi house in Kulosaari renovated the facade of their house with the help of the workers of Oranssi. © Oranssi Ry

Oranssi community members are renovating their roof in Kumpula © Oranssi Ry

ØsterGRO Copenhagen

With 600m2 and 90 tonnes of soil on a large roof top, ØsterGRO is a real urban roof farm with plenty of organic vegetables, urban bees and chickens providing eggs and honey for 40 local families. The farm is organised as a community supported agriculture. The latest addition is a greenhouse restaurant on the roof top serving food from the roof top itself or from local producers.

After the harvest @ Realdania

Picking Carrots @ Realdania

ØsterGRO @ Realdania

OurFarm Dublin

Dublin's largest inner city organic community farm. The aim of OurFarm is to harness the production and provision of organic food as a resource for educational, social and artistic application. It is rooted in a strong collaboration with several other community groups and aims at reconnecting people with the sources of the products they eat.

Fabian Strunden and Rian Coulter, the two initiators @ OurFarm

Pikene på Broen Kirkenes

Pikene på Broen is an organisation established in 1996 by art curators and producers based in Kirkenes / Northern Norway. Through their projects, they want to create meeting places and bridging across borders and genres. Their motto is to bring the world to the Barents and the Barents out into the world. Through their art projects they challenge our understanding of geopolitics, centre and periphery.

Transborder Café @ Mikhail Slavin

Redesign Café © Mikhail Slavin

Visual Art Seminar @ Mikhail Slavin

Röstånga Tillsammans Malmö

In 2009 a group of engaged locals in the region of Röstånga in South Sweden, decided to do something to turn around the negative development in their community. Together the villagers have since bought and developed a museum, a restaurant, a micro-brewery, a community bus and housing. The organisational setup keeps the profit in the community, creating employment, sustainable development and contributing to the local, circular economy.

The local community © Röstånga Tillsammans

Yhteismaa Helsinki

Yhteismaa (Common Ground) is a non-profit organisation, specialised in new participatory city culture, co-creation and social movements. All the projects share the aim of a more fun, free, sustainable, responsible and social urban life. These include an international flea market day, setting up a table for a thousand people to eat in the middle of a street, art exhibitions at home, international conferences, a social media platform and many others.

A group of girls reclaiming the streets for a pop-up dinner © Yhteismaa

Before and after "Dinner under Helsinki sky" © Yhteismaa

Cleaning Day, a city-wide fleamarket organised by Yhteismaa © Yhteismaa