“After the European Election – what happened and what is next?”

Europa Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

11/6 2019, 08:00-09:30

Goethe-Institut Stockholm

Bryggargatan 12A
111 21 Stockholm

An analysis of the German and European election campaign, the election results and thoughts on the consequences for Europe by Thorsten Faas (Freie Universität Berlin, expert on election research).

The upcoming elections to the European Parliament are expected to strengthen the populist parties and to weaken the biggest party groups. Did the national election campaigns reflect the special significance of this year's European elections? Which role did the national campaigns play in comparison to the European campaign and what was for example the role of the European “Spitzenkandidaten” (German for “lead candidate”)? Who is the German “Spitzenkandidat” Manfred Weber (CSU) who runs for the EPP, the biggest party group, and what does he want for Europe? What do the results mean for the future of the EU? What could have been done differently by the parties and the EU?

We kindly invite you to our seminar on Europe from a German perspective with Prof. Dr. Thorsten Faas (expert for election research from Freie Universität Berlin) and Susanna Kierkegaard (editorial writer).

8:00 Registration and breakfast
8:30 Welcome (Dagmar Eickel, Head of Language Department/Goethe-Institut Schweden and Dr. Dietmar Dirmoser, Director of FES Nordic Office)
8:35 Input Prof. Dr. Thorsten Faas (Freie Universität Berlin, expert on study and scientific analysis of elections)
8:50 Comment by Susanna Kierkegaard (editorial writer for among others Aftonbladet).
9:00 Discussion
9:30 End

Time and place:
June 11th at 8:00-9:30
Goethe-Institut Schweden
Bryggargatan 12A, Stockholm
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