3 April to 1 May 2023

136 Goethe Lab Open Call © Goethe-Institut

136 Goethe Lab Open Call

136 GOETHE LAB Open Call is an annual open call inviting all Singapore-based cultural practitioners, individual or collectives, to develop and present a project at the Goethe-Institut Singapore’s project space, 136 GOETHE LAB. The open call welcomes experimental, research-based, process-driven, and interdisciplinary formats, rather than readymade presentations.

Mechanisms & Requirements

  • Proposals must be process-based and developed over the occupation period at 136 GOETHE LAB.
  • All relevant transdisciplinary formats and disciplines are welcome.
  • Proposals should include a public presentation or interaction at 136 GOETHE LAB that can be an ongoing or a final presentation.
  • 136 GOETHE LAB will be offered to selected applicants free of cost for up to 8 weeks, with a project budget of up to SGD14.000, including honorariums, technical, and production requirements.
  • Shorter projects and smaller productions budgets are welcome to apply as well
  • The Goethe-Institut Singapore’s programmes team will shortlist selected applicants for an in-person meeting before the final selection.

Example formats of presentation

  • Research-based collectives investigating topics pertinent to contemporary life.
  • Experimental productions by multidisciplinary culture-makers—theatre, film, music, dance, etc.
  • A series of public events exploring a particular topic.
  • Regular discussion groups or dialogues between contemporary practitioners—artists, poets, writers, etc.


  • Open to contemporary cultural practitioners based in Singapore
  • Regional or international participants are permitted, within the parameters of the project budget.
  • Production funds can be supplemented by sponsors, which should be shared with the Goethe-Institut Singapore’s programmes team.

Assessment & Criteria

Each proposal will be assessed on the basis of the applicants’ proposal and the quality of the application. The selection process is at the discretion of Goethe-Institut Singapore. Relevant areas of consideration include:

  • artistic innovation or critical cultural practice
  • quality and cohesiveness of the proposal
  • relevance to contemporary discourse
  • feasibility of proposal

How to Apply

Please send your project proposal to The proposal should include the following:

  • Two sentences defining the goal of the project
  • Elaboration of the project, including length of project and plans for public presentation—no more than one page long
  • Participant(s) CVs
  • Basic project budget

Application window

Please apply by 1 May 2023. The occupancy period for this open call runs from July 2023 to July 2024.

Depending on the outcome and collaboration from the open call, applicants may have the opportunity to present further developments of their projects at 136 GOETHE LAB in the future.