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136 GOETHE wide© Goethe-Institut

Open Call
Project Work (PW): Activating 136 GOETHE

The Goethe-Institut Singapore launches its new project space with the pilot programme Project Work (PW). We call cultural practitioners, artists, curators, dramaturgs and programmers to co-share 136 GOETHE for arts practice and public activation with up to four participants.
A tongue-in-cheek reference to the mandatory national curriculum that compels young people to work together and “synthesise knowledge” in service of “a common objective”, somewhat similarly, Project Work (PW) calls for collaborative, innovative, experimental and process-driven projects or interventions to unfold at 136 GOETHE, as work-in-progress, performance, exhibition, or as an event. The Open Call will especially recognize collective approaches and forms of practices. The Goethe-Institut will provide a stipend and production budget.
Project Work (PW) is intended as initial activation and experiment for a space that will evolve according to the needs of its users. Participants are invited to adapt a space in the middle of the city for their own practice while remaining in public dialogue and discourse. Project Work (PW) is meant to function as an open residency to activate 136 GOETHE as a confluence for diverse practices, perspectives and engagements. The space will be kept open to the public during the running period of Project Work (PW).

The Goethe-Institut Singapore intends for programmes in the new project space to develop internationally, however, in consideration of the global circumstances, the pilot programme will be open to Singapore-based practitioners only.

  • The project must be a cohesive, curatorial proposal that includes the intended participants (up to 4) and their relevant practices.
  • The project should be new—as opposed to an ongoing work or iteration of a pre-existing work
  • Should the proposal be for a collective, there needs to be a representative applicant.
  • The curator/representative applicant may also be a participating practitioner.
  • The project and its development are independent and self-initiated, but the practitioners-in-residence are expected to stay in constant dialogue with the programming team of the Goethe-Institut Singapore.
  • The project budget will be discussed, agreed on beforehand, and jointly-managed with the programming team of the Goethe-Institut Singapore.
  • Applicants must be contemporary practitioners based in Singapore.
The evaluation will be based on the candidates' proposal and the quality of the application. The selection process is at the discretion of Goethe-Institut Singapore. Relevant areas of consideration include:
  • artistic innovation or critical cultural practice
  • quality and cohesiveness of the proposal and interpolation of each practice
  • relevance to contemporary discourse
  • feasibility of proposal
Projects with potential for inter- or transnational collaboration or coproduction are preferred.

How to Apply

Please send your project proposal to Valerie-Ann.Tan@goethe.de

The application should include the following:

  • main proposal and curatorial concept
  • how you intend to use the space
  • potential outcomes or public programmes
  • profiles and relevance of all practitioners involved (up to 4)
  • projected budget 
  • Application deadline 31 May 2021
  • Occupancy period Jul-Nov 2021