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Die Rüden
German Film Festival | 15.10.-01.11.2020

Die Rüden © TomTrambow

Die Rüden

Year 2020
Runtime 107 min
Rating M18 - Brief nudity and some violence
Language German
Subtitles English
Director Connie Walther
Producer Kay Niessen, Daniel Hetzer, Thomas Kufus, Melanie Berke
Screenwriter Nadin Matthews, Connie Walther
Cinematographer Birgit Gudjonsdottir
Cast Ibrahim Al-Kalil, Marcel Andrée, Konstantin-Philippe Benedikt

The film leads into the heart of darkness that today is described as toxic masculinity. In an arena of dark, scarred concrete, four young violent criminals meet three threatening dogs with imposing metal muzzles. Pure testosterone, were it not for Lu, the fearless, highly concentrated dog trainer. She takes up the challenge of putting out fires with fire: the hope that the aggressions of animals and people will annihilate each other here and that the way we deal with each other will have a positive effect on both sides. 

Her risky project is suspiciously monitored by the authorities, beyond the questions of perpetrator and victim, guilt and atonement. Lu becomes a provocation and her approach an explosive device for a system that still believes good and evil can really be separated.

At the abyss of aggression, violence and ignorance, the male becomes the human border. And their overcoming becomes a topic for all of us: the angry as well as the timid, the acting as well as the repressive, but above all: men as well as women. 


Die Rüden is available on demand at The Projector Plus from 15 October to 1 November 2020.

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